How travel has influenced James' lifestyle

James Meeker

The diverse culture found in different nationalities is much more intriguing than we may assume. What we see in the mainstream media is a very superficial image of a culture that can be misleading and incomplete. The westernized concept has left a tremendous influence on how we perceive a community and its values while terming them as 'conservative' instead of 'eccentric' or 'traditional'.

Mark Twain, one of the biggest philosophers and writers of all time, believes travel is a way to end bigotry and other social stigmas that have been perpetuated over the years. Adhering to the stereotypes that have been created due to the media itself is a crime from which we should all preserve ourselves. Who knew that the Japanese tradition of Fukusasa is as significant as the popular tea ceremony- Chanoyu.

Travel is an important bond that can help people familiarise themselves with the intricacies of different cultures.

James Meeker is a traveler and photojournalist who has traveled to more than 43 countries with an aim to understand the complexity of different nationalists and learn about their culture in an unconventional way. He believes that pictures are the most influential blocks of creating memories. To explain this better, James has posted a series of pictures depicting the truest beauty of places he has visited. Documenting such memories in the form of pictures will help greatly in apprehending the culture of a country.

Though traveling is a great remedy to such a social problem, we must not underestimate the level of sacrifice it takes. James had a sudden epiphany regarding life, which persuaded him to abandon his possessions and travel. He immediately went ahead with the plan and pursued a nomadic lifestyle to complement his travel plans. Some days he is riding a motorbike through the deserted roads while on some days he is looking for accommodation in the most unlikely places.

When asked about the force that attracts him towards such a life, James recalls his numerous encounters with men and women of all ages, sharing their bitter and sweet life journeys with him. Their tales were blatantly honest, empowering, and made him feel more human.