How This Teenager Regularly Outperforms the Stock Market Through E-commerce Marketing

Sean Raymond

"What does it take? Dedication, education, commitment, and the drive to move towards what you want", shares the business prodigy who, at the age of 17, has already established himself as an expert in the field of e-commerce.

Men and women who have reached the top have always had a strong character. When you think of great men and women, you probably think of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Albert Schweitzer, and Mother Teresa. All of these people are known for what they gave to the human race, not for what they received.

Nobody's born with a strong character. Qualities are acquired and nurtured throughout your life. The good news is that you can take full responsibility for developing your character by staying loyal to your dreams. This is exactly what Sean Raymond did.

The Law of Faith

Sean, who is dedicated to action, constant and iterative learning, tenacity, and commitment to the dreams, adds, "You only fail when you stop trying." And the word action is essential here. "No amount of thinking or planning will ever outperform an action", Sean tells us.

In this respect, Sean's track record to date speaks for itself. Realizing how good he was at eCommerce consulting and paid ads, Sean put his teenage life on hold to amass all the knowledge he needed to become the successful entrepreneur and online marketing expert he is. Sooner than he thought, his business took off. He learned marketing, then reverse-engineered those strategies to get his first client. Then there came a second, a third, and so on. The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) he was getting for his clients online was even reaching up to 13 each month (1,300% ROI). To this day, Sean still manages to regularly bring in 10+ ROAS and has a lifetime ROI of 871%. Needless to say, this young man knows his stuff.

Despite his age, Sean has managed to become a seasoned business owner, all due to his perseverance and dedication. Sean is the CEO of Goodlife Agency, an online marketing service specializing in growing & scaling online businesses. Sean Raymond's Goodlife Agency has already taken 3 of its clients to multiple 7-figures, and even offers a guaranteed 300% ROI or higher, otherwise, they'll give you your money back.

E-commerce: Your Recipe for Success

Any organization that wants to endure in this modern digitized world needs to sell its products or services digitally. We've already seen some well-known businesses go bankrupt due to dwindling street sales and an inability to make up the difference online.

E-commerce has been a terrific leveler. There's no reason why a new online merchant with an effective e-commerce marketing strategy can't drive sales online. That being said, Sean has found that brands already making sales online are in a prime position to grow to multiple 7-figures, they just need someone that knows how to tap into the audiences that will get them there.

As Sean tells us, "It is always best to multiply revenue streams. Every 7 Figure brand has sales coming in from more than one stream (which can include organic sales, paid ads, SMS & e-mail, influencer marketing, social media, Google ads, etc.) to diversify business and spread risks. E help our clients manage these streams through eCommerce consulting, while simultaneously scaling paid ads. Paid ads are without a doubt the single best possible way to scale a brand doing anywhere from $10k-$50k per month to $150-$300k per month. If you're not using paid ads to scale, and multiplying revenue streams online, you're doing it wrong".

Yet, a single entrepreneur can't handle all of these factors on his own while also managing the other aspects of a business. This is where Goodlife Agency steps in. They have an established track record of growing business to multiple 7-figures online, they're the best option for a six-figure eCommerce brand looking to grow into multiple 7-figures.

To get professional help with the best strategy development for your online business, start by scheduling a free Discovery Call with Goodlife Agency.

The name of the service speaks for itself- helping their clients lead a good life by providing them consistent sales and peace of mind knowing they don't have to worry about revenue is what they value most.