How a Third Prison Sentence Led to Ultimate Freedom for Lewis Raymond Taylor

 Lewis Raymond Taylor

Most people would never associate prison with freedom, but Lewis Raymond Taylor has never been like most people. While serving his third prison sentence for a violent crime at the age of 24, Taylor experienced what he would consider a 'significant life point'. In that moment, he realized that if he wanted to be free, he needed to take responsibility for his situation and change himself. Since that moment, he has created a life of ultimate freedom for himself and has now helped thousands of people do the same.

The 'Significant Life Point' that changed everything

By 2015, Taylor had already served 3 prison sentences, suffered from mental illness, substance misuse, sexual abuse, bereavement, and attempted suicide. He explains how he felt angry and restless and like something was missing; a void that couldn't be filled. He tried filling the void with drugs, alcohol, fighting, sex, and gambling, but nothing worked.

That's until a 'significant life point' when he realized he had been trying to fix an internal problem with external solutions. From that point forward, Taylor chose to draw a line in the sand and to start taking responsibility for changing his life, by first changing himself.

He began a journey of self-discovery which ultimately led to him realizing the power of his experiences. Despite spending his whole life thinking that things happened "to him", Taylor quickly was able to transform that belief into the understanding that things were actually happening "for him". Looking back at his experiences, he was able to see that everything he had ever been through, had been the world's best life coaching training.

Coaching as a gateway to ultimate freedom

After recognizing his life experiences as his first round of life coaching training, Taylor recognized his calling to be a life coach. He became a qualified coach and started connecting with and helping other people through social media. This financially liberated him and laid the foundation for the coaching empire he leads today.

By 2021, Taylor has become an international Speaker, 7 figure entrepreneur, senior accredited coaching trainer, and community leader while running the world's top online coaching academy, The Coaching Masters, a multiple seven-figure coaching business, with a global community, covering 47 different countries.

The Coaching Masters now qualifies, accredits, and helps people become online coaches. But The Coaching Masters isn't just some random coaching accreditation company. Their mission is to truly provide ordinary people with extraordinary tools to create freedom for themselves and others. They understand that the integration of coaching concepts will completely liberate the people they serve thus allowing them to support others in their own liberation journey.

A completely new man

"I no longer recognise my past life and can honestly say that I don't recognise myself as the person I once was." - Lewis Raymond Taylor

The void he once tried to fill with things that led him to prison quickly disappeared as he began building a better relationship with himself. His internal work has allowed him to make incredible things happen in the external world for all the people he serves. From angry and restless, to happy and free, Taylor now channels all of his energy into helping others create a life of ultimate freedom.