How Tarci Revamped Traditional Enterprise with Advanced Data Science


Data has been a major source of fuel to maintain, manage, and prosper a business in terms of growth, profitability, and overall success. From identifying risks, establishing customer relationships, to conducting critical decisions, this treasure trove of information provides invaluable insights into which direction a company needs to take. For decades, enterprises have leveraged data and stretched their capacity as wide as possible. But as technology continues to disrupt business processes and cycles globally, it's becoming increasingly clearer that traditional data is a trend from the past.

In a nutshell, traditional data is for traditional enterprises. As digitalization increases the efficiency of organizations worldwide, data collection becomes faster, making its shelf life shorter. Keep in mind that data capturing is one thing; value is another the abundance of data defeats its purposes when it doesn't serve one's business the way it should. That is the downfall of static data ransacking through a pile of information in finding relevant prospects with updated needs, and requirements are often luck-driven. On top of that, the verification process of manually fishing for value is equally tedious and counterproductive.

Tarci, an Israel-based startup, has built a Continuous Intelligence Engine that generates dynamic SMB data for enterprises, identified the data pain points, and cracked the code through advanced data science.

Full Actionable Picture of SMBs

Tarci's goal is to provide a full actionable picture of small and mid-sized businesses that enterprises can use to identify which company needs which solution. The insurmountable challenge to make this conquest a mere possibility is by collecting multiple scattered data pieces from a multitude of sources to help a company thrive. Whether it's finding the ideal customer or offering predictive analytics and insights, a full picture of SMBs is necessary to optimize sales and marketing processes, increase revenue, and keep up with the rapidly evolving customer demands. Tarci has filled this void through its proprietary continuous intelligence engine that connects a wide range of data sources in no time, enabling companies to constantly detect changes and new opportunities.

Since Tarci's engine doesn't rest at post-data collection and is constantly building and learning, it yields a myriad of dynamic data that gives companies a unified, actionable, and updated view of SMBs and their solution needs. This eradicates the manual verification and updating of potential prospect information, hence cutting off research by a significant amount of time, allowing teams to solely concentrate on what they do best: sell.

"With dynamic data, you get real-time indications of opportunities," says Leetal Gruper, CEO and Co-Founder of Tarci. "Focusing on those ripe opportunities can lead to more closed-wons and shorter sales cycles, reducing your cost of acquisition. On average, our clients are seeing a 15% reduction in COA."

High-Resolution Tagging

Unlike traditional data utilized by traditional enterprises, companies don't need to look for the prospects; prospects look for them. With Tarci's proprietary, high-resolution tagging, organizations get in-depth, precise matches, enabling them to create segmentation based on any rules and criteria using industry-specific data tags.

This process is made seamless from the client onboarding stage, making sure that their ideal customer profile is clear, specific, and comprehensive. Tags and events are then suggested so that any SMB data delivered will be highly valuable and relevant to their requirements.

What's more, Tarci's dynamic data also thrives in upselling and retention purposes. It keeps an eye on one's existing customer database and notifies leaders when a need for a new or upgraded service is surfacing.


As the modern business landscape calls for companies to abandon obsolete static data and transition to dynamic data, enterprises are now left scouring for the best solution provider to make this shift effortless, smooth, and non-disruptive to business operations. With its easy CRM integration and holistic yet simplistic approach, Tarci positions itself to completely overhaul the data collection, analysis, and conversion process of traditional enterprises.