How To Start And Grow A Recovery Business

Spencer Vann

Spencer Vann, co-owner and CEO of realized that the power of Surplus Funds can reunite billions of dollars for people across the country. His company's mission is to create financial advancement and give a sense of hope to all the people who lost their homes to foreclosure or owed money being held by the government. He further explained that is the money that is owed by someone after they got foreclosed. Most people don't know how to recapture their money. recovery is the process that helps people reunite with that lost money and charge them with a minimal fee. Now, Spence and his business partner built a multi-7 figure company.

Life may seem challenging. Spence Vann has been extremely driven to help his family, taking care of and providing the best medical treatment for his brother, and would love to make her mom's dream of buying and living in her own house. The situation makes him very persistent and inspires him to succeed. By then, he excels in sports, particularly in Basketball. He dreamed of becoming an NBA player until one day he fractured his ankle and was unable to walk for 6 months. His basketball dream was ripped away from him. He may be depressed but it did not stop him to look for something that he can pursue and eventually become successful. One day, when his mom spent time with him she occasionally brought up her dreams of owning and living her own house. This leads him to get involved in the real estate world. He began reading real estate books and attended free real estate meet-ups.

Spencer Vann's company provides training and schedules follow-up consultations to homeowners. In his programs, he offers solutions and recommendations to his ideal clients to improve their life and business. He recommends that one should do hyper-optimization, double down, and spend more intense focus on one core process, optimizing everything. Also, creating a blue ocean is essential, you can't sell what someone else is already selling. Extreme customer focus, which means that the business is not designed to make money but designed to resolve your customer's problem better than anyone else. Majoring on major things is also one of his recommendations, do the 20-80 rule. Focus on the 20% of the business that will produce 80% of the result, he added. And finally, North Star alignment is one factor, everyone in the business including the owner, employee, contractors, and customers needs to understand the goal of the business. The team should be working on one single goal or else the business will be out of its track.

Spencer Vann is a hardworking, genius entrepreneur who is on a mission emphasizing that everyone should be future cause-driven and not money-driven.