How Stars Gave Entrepreneur and Educator Jessie Eccles Freedom

Jessie Eccles

Freedom to live by choice is a dream of every individual; only a few achieve it. It is a short-term struggle that gives you a long-term promise but comes with many sacrifices. Entrepreneur and Educator Jessie Eccles achieved freedom by pursuing her passion for astrology. She worked hard to open her coaching website 'That's Soul Astro' and a social media brand.

Jessie always had interests in stars, signs, and energy. She felt a special connection with the universe, making her 'different' from her friends and siblings. Though she didn't know it at the time, she began searching for this connection by traveling the world. Her first-ever trip to Ghana at the age of 16 was her first conscious spiritual awakening. Coming from a privileged background, Jessie experienced life and resources differently. She realized part of her soul's message was to help people, but the help she thought certain people needed was based on western society structures - not at a soul level, as she realized through her journeys.

Jessie has a bachelor's degree in Education and a master's in International Education/ Intercultural Relations. She began her career as an educator by teaching internationally and moving to Ethiopia. During her stay, Jessie was completely cut off from the outside world. This gave birth to a deeper spiritual, emotional, social, and physical experience. She traveled around small areas of Eastern Africa and met new people from different cultures, backgrounds, and familial structures.

After traveling to almost 30 countries, Jessie had enough experience to realize what it truly meant to be free. Unlike the fast-paced and economic-driven society she grew up in, she wanted to live life by her choices. Jessie moved back to her home country, and this is where her inner self-discovery journey began. While she followed a traditional career path, she was doing some intense inner work in parallel and discovered Astrology's depth. Later, her first child became a blessing and also a sudden shift and realization of what she wanted to pursue in life.

Jessie's want for freedom was the desire to live life on her own terms, disengage from old systems, and spread love through astrology. She began by sharing her readings on Instagram, which grabbed a lot of attention. People wanted to know more about themselves and how they could experience a free and aligned life through astrology, so the young astrologer posted regular content on her account.

With the popularity of astrology, Jessie's account grew and became one of the leading astrology accounts worldwide. The next step was to open astrology-centered coaching packages. She founded 'That's Soul Astro' with a vision to help people read their birth charts and other astrological signs.

@thatssoulastro aims to provide easy, practical, and actionable interpretations of astrology. She has already launched four main courses on her official website. Her Instagram posts are more basic and generalized readings while the courses offer in-depth information and personal birth chart interpretations.

Jessie's approach to freedom and living life on her own terms was simple: understand her astrology chart and help others do the same. She focused on these two goals and pursued a professional career in Astrology. The pathway to freedom wasn't easy; her understanding of her unique gifts led to it.