How Simple Social Media Posts Led Lucas Lee-Tyson To A Profitable Business From His College Dorm

Lucas Lee-Tyson, CEO and Founder for Growth Cave shares tips and insights on how to increase any business' sales through online advertising.

 Lucas Lee-Tyson

In the digital age, the easiest and quickest way to bring traffic to a website or publicize and expand the reach of any business is through online advertising. One of the most, if not the most, efficient channels of online advertising is Facebook Ads. Seeing that millions of people from different demographics are on Facebook and Instagram every second of every day, posting or running a Facebook Ad can get you clicks and results within an hour, unlike SEO which normally takes weeks or even months before you even start to get results. Many digital marketing experts are helping businesses and other marketers learn and get the best out of online advertising but one brilliant young entrepreneur is raising the bars higher for many others - Lucas Lee-Tyson.

Lucas Lee-Tyson is the founder and head of Growth Cave, an online advertising and consultancy agency assisting other companies in increasing their online site traffic. Lucas started the business from his college dorm room and quickly bootstrapped it to profitability using nothing more than his laptop and cell phone. More than just providing marketing campaign management for clients, Growth Cave also provides training courses, consultations, and workshops on advertising, marketing, and sales to hopeful entrepreneurs aspiring to start and grow their businesses online. A young entrepreneur who is wise beyond his years, Lucas Lee-Tyson officially hit the $1 million revenue mark in 2020 and is currently targeting to cross the $5 million mark by the end of 2021.

Learning about affiliate marketing at the age of 15, Lucas has always been honing his craft to always find ways to create his blue ocean and uncover new ways to take online marketing and advertising even further. While studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship in college in Boston, Lucas Lee-Tyson already started hustling to earn money by ranking YouTube videos online inside his dorm room. Unsatisfied with his income, Lucas explored and experimented on other business models. Struggling to succeed in any of the models he tried, Lucas kept studying and looking around until he discovered the "agency" business model.

While working as a marketing intern in a tech company, Lucas found out that they were spending $250,000/month in paid traffic (Facebook/Ad Words) and paying an agency 8% of the total budget just to manage the campaigns. Lucas Lee-Tyson got even more interested in learning more about paid advertising. Realizing the income possibilities, he started looking into digital agencies and their business models. With his experience and knowledge as a marketing intern and some useful YouTube video tutorials, Lucas started taking Upwork clients and side projects.

Marketing himself in Upwork as a PPC (pay-per-click) consultant, Lucas coursed through Upwork projects which helped reduce his anxiety as it was a lot easier than cold calling people and trying to sell them right away - a business venture he formerly tried but failed to manage after 2 months. While starting as a paid traffic "generalist", Lucas quickly niched down his services to target and focus on Facebook Ads. This was because 75% of the inquiries he received were related to Facebook Ads rather than Google Adwords or other paid adverts.

Lucas Lee-Tyson earned his first 6-digit income in his first year after landing his first high-ticket client. This drove his dedication to continue sharpening his online marketing and advertising knowledge and skills. Lucas eventually evolved his business from a done-for-you marketing campaign management model to a training and consulting company for all business entrepreneurs who wish to start and grow their online businesses.