How Simon Wilby and 1Voice.Ai are Dropping the World's Language Barriers

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Simon Willby

As our society becomes increasingly more interconnected through the internet, overcoming language barriers holds mounting importance. According to a Forbes report, 65% of executives acknowledge the presence of language obstacles between managers and employees within their global organizations, resulting in misunderstanding and lower productivity. More and more companies are hiring global talent, and the ability to communicate effectively with that talent is crucial for business success. Fortunately, Simon Wilby understands these challenges and set out to create 1Voice.Ai with the mission of removing language barriers and facilitating true global communication.

Before 1Voice.Ai, individuals commonly turned to translation services like Google Translate for communicating across different languages. However, these services were not consistently reliable as they could not be used effectively in real-time during an in-person conversation or over the phone. This deficiency in communication tools posed hurdles for many sectors, including business operations, law enforcement activities, educational environments, and even personal interactions.

By enabling users to engage in real-time conversations across different languages, Simon and 1Voice.Ai is set to dismantle language obstacles and promote more comprehension and cooperation between different countries and cultures, and creating a more inclusive world.

How 1Voice.Ai Works

1Voice.Ai, users can easily connect with individuals in other countries by selecting the language on the app and then simply speaking. The app will then automatically translate the user's words in real-time for the recipient. Simon wanted to ensure that his application was simplistic and user-friendly so that it was accessible even to individuals who were not well-versed in technology.

"Let's say German. You call over to Germany, you dial over to Germany, you speak English, they receive in German, they speak German, you receive in English," explained Simon. By making translation as simple as just speaking into your phone, Simon believes 1Voice.Ai can help anyone speak to everyone.

Furthermore, 1Voice.Ai delivers dependable and precise translations by utilizing existing technologies and enhancing them. "I didn't try to reinvent the wheel. I just made it smoother. So, existing technology out there from, let's say, Google Translate and Vonage telecommunication, we had to create a system and write our own custom code to piggyback and to bring those components in with our own custom code for us to marry all the existing components out there to make 1Voice work," mentioned Simon. This system enables real-time translations without delays for effective communication for 1Voice.Ai's users.

A World with 1Voice.Ai

The uses of 1Voice.Ai are broad and impactful. In the business world, it can help companies expand their online presence and deliver exceptional customer support through seamless communication with clients worldwide. Research indicates that 40% of consumers are hesitant to purchase from websites in languages other than their own.

By facilitating seamless global communication with customers, 1Voice.Ai has the potential to boost customer satisfaction levels and drive business growth. Moreover, it can promote improved collaboration among global teams, boosting productivity and innovation.

In education, it can enable students to engage with peers from around the globe, promoting more knowledge and understanding of other cultures. "There are many applications for this. You know, it's good for business. It's, you know, on an international level, it's good for frontline, for the DOJ is good for law enforcement. It's good for schools and education." By eliminating language barriers, 1Voice.Ai creates avenues for collaboration and creativity, regardless of industry.

1Voice.Ai also provides advantages for individuals. Just imagine being able to contact a hospital in any foreign country and effectively discuss a loved one's condition. Simon gave an example, "So you can simply pick up 1Voice. You can call the hospital about your husband or your wife or whoever in Italy, and ask about, you know, what is happening, what happened, and you can speak in English. They receive it in Italian." For travelers, this capability offers a sense of security as they know they will be able to communicate effectively during potential emergencies.
An Inventor's Future Plans

"There's just one employee," says Simon of the 1Voice startup. " His name is Simon. That's me." He did make use of freelance developers where he needed to, but he kept the budget in-house. "I 100% own it outright. No VCs, no venture capital, no investors. I funded this myself. Built in eight months, debt-free company."

With complete control over 1Voice.Ai and its potential, he can make any plans he can imagine, but for now, all he's saying is that he wants to, "Keep on moving, keep on inventing... bringing innovation to the world, to help the world to be a much better place with my own little flair to it."

Simon understands that 1Voice has potential that people will want to know more about, so he also says, "Keep your eyes peeled, because there's something bigger and better coming out with 1Voice than 1Voice.Ai."

Regardless of what's coming, based on Simon's track record, it's clear that 1Voice will have a role in creating a more interconnected and inclusive world.

This article was first published on June 18, 2024