How Self-Made Entrepreneur Kevin Leyes Built Leyes Media, A Million-Dollar Business During COVID-19

Kevin Leyes

Companies that have managed to maintain their operations and even expand in the midst of the crisis generated by the COVID-19 have become a reference in the business environment. One of them has been Leyes Media, the digital marketing agency, led by its founder and CEO Kevin Leyes, which has made great progress during these critical times.

Leyes Media is recognized as one of the most prominent and fastest-growing digital marketing agencies today, currently on the road to becoming a multi-million dollar bootstrapped company. Since its creation in 2019, this company has been characterized by constant growth determined by the quality of its work and the optimal results it has given to its wide list of clients.

In the midst of this pandemic and global crisis, Leyes Media has found a way to become a solid agency and company. This has allowed them not only to expand their services but also to offer multiple options to their clients according to each case and particular situation, no matter their niches. In addition to focusing on social media marketing and public relations, talent management and development also became part of the many services that Leyes Media offers in the digital environment.

On the other hand, Leyes Media increased its number of employees, generating new remote jobs for young people from all over the world and contributing, in a certain way, to the job stability of a large number of people during these hard times.

Innovate to grow

What for many companies has been a difficult obstacle to overcome, for Leyes Media and the entire team of professionals led by Kevin Leyes became an opportunity to innovate, reinvent, and grow.

This is how the digital marketing agency decided to see the critical situation generated by the COVID-19. Instead of considering its retirement or a forced pause because of the situation, Leyes Media saw this bump in the road as part of the challenges that every company must face in order to succeed.

This perspective has given the agency the ability to reinvent itself, prioritize, plan, and move forward with a focus on innovation. Hiring employees, expanding their services, adopting new working methods and strategies according to the situation, which is new and fresh for their clients, have given them excellent results. Proof of this is the important presence in the international market that the agency has gained during this 2020.