How Sam Flamont is Rocking the Real Estate World

Sam Flamont

Many changes in recent years have punctuated the real estate industry. Stepping into this industry, Sam Flamont followed his passion, and his drive has helped him navigate and succeed beyond his dreams.

Sam Flamont is a top real estate investor/broker and founder of The Mitten Group Brokered by eXp. Founded on the principles of savvy negotiating, superior client service, and cutting-edge technology, The Mitten Group is a popular name among the real estate players. Besides real estate, Sam is the author of the book "Hustle 'Til It Happens."

The story of Sam's success in real estate is one fueled by the dedication, consistency, and hard work of a passionate dreamer. Sam took a huge risk leaving his baseball coaching business and becoming a top real estate agent, which eventually paid off. After an encounter with a realtor, Sam realized that he was cut out for something bigger even though he enjoyed coaching baseball. Seeing the life of this realtor, Sam had found a new passion.

After only one year in real estate, he sold 36 homes, turning his yearly income from $15K to over $100K. By his fourth year, Sam knew all the ins and outs of real estate and sold over $26,000,000 in properties breaking into the top 10 realtors in his sales board. Two years down the line, he continues to flourish by setting a new and much higher figure in sales. Even with Covid 19, Sam, together with his team at The Mitten Group, has managed to put together $51,000,000 in sales, both closed and pending.

According to Sam, you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with. To achieve higher goals, he surrounds himself with people who have clear visions and goals. Getting advice from trailblazers and other people in the industry will help you grow your business. Sam notes that you will achieve success not by doing what they did, but by analyzing what they did not do and finding what works for you.

By analyzing the market, Sam says this gave him the upper hand even when launching his business. At the time, Sam discovered not many realtors were using social media in the town. Although he was actively finding clients by cold calling and door knocking, he now started using social media and making videos. Overwhelmed by the great response he received, Sam decided to continue using social media for marketing his properties and mentoring other agents.

One real estate agent was on a mission to become the next big name in the industry, just like Sam Flamont, and he was inspired by Sam's Youtube videos. At the time, he was just getting started in the industry and was a realtor in Traverse City, MI. Although unaware, Sam became his mentor, and they were finally able to meet. This agent now works as part of Sam's team. In fact, within the first year of working with Sam, he was able to triple his business.

Sam's success in real estate is undeniable. From earning $15K per year to owning a mix of single-family, multi-family, Airbnb rentals, and 69 storage units, The Mitten Real Estate Group has solidified its spot in the industry.