How Salvatore Steffano Is Disrupting The Cryotherapy Industry

Salvatore Steffano

Are you longing to turn your leads into booked appointments in the Cryotherapy business? Social Marketing 180 is on top of the game. This company is changing the narrative of most lead generation agencies promising to deliver results to clients. That is what makes them unique.

Salvatore Steffano has been transforming this industry and debunking the traditional old failed tales that surround Cryotherapy. His journey into the digital marketing industry began when his dad broke his neck when he was a teenager. He dropped out of school to work three jobs to help his family out in the pit they were stuck in.

Salvatore started posting and learning from the best marketers around on the old internet marketing forums like Wicked Fire, Warrior Forum, and Digital Point.

One day this visionary found the BST aka buy, sell, trade section on the websites, and started there. He started his first business MAD Growth offering graphic and web design services for free to gain some reviews.

Over time he started working with more and more marketers and learning from them. He started specializing in conversion rate optimization for landing pages. From there, he went into search engine optimization, paid ads, and a gambit of other digital marketing skills.

Salvatore Steffano is co-founder of Social Marketing 180, the #1 cryotherapy marketing agency in the USA. They offer exclusive cryotherapy leads that convert to clients. Additionally, they are the best providers for Restore Hyper Wellness and other Cryotherapy Franchises across the country. On top of providing bookings for cryotherapy, they also have proven campaigns for other modalities such as IV drips, Cryoskin, and HydraFacial to name a few.

Social Marketing 180 specializes in booking appointments in the Cryotherapy niche. This company is unique because they work with their clients in all stages of the marketing process, from creating ads, getting people in the door, and even providing sales training to help the front desk staff and aestheticians close more sales. And if that wasn't enough, they even reactivate your old list of people who never bought to get them back in the door and help promote and sell offers to existing clients. They quite literally build and manage everything from a to z when it comes to generating leads and turning them into clients in the cryotherapy market.

This company's strategy allows you to target your ideal clients in your location. They gather your old and new leads and ensure that the ads they put up attract new and exclusive customers every single month.

This company's sales agents will handle every lead from the first touchpoint, texting, following up until booking the appointment. They never stop generating leads until a sale is closed.

What makes this company unique?

They have over 50 active Cryotherapy clients and manage over 500k per year in ad spend within the Cryotherapy market. Their follow-up system was built to free up their clients' and employees' time so they are no longer trapped in the daily follow-up routines that, while mundane, is one of the most important aspects of turning a lead into a client. They also have no long-term commitments, they follow up with all new leads within 5 minutes (which is super important) and truly provide a hands-off experience for cryotherapy business owners. Plus, they guarantee 30 bookings in your first month or your money back!