How Safe is Frozen Honey? Experts Concerned about Health Issues as Hack Goes Viral on TikTok

Users are going crazy about the 'frozen honey' trend on TikTok. Although TikTokers are describing it as a naturally sweet way to cool down on a scorching hot day, health experts say it could give them diarrhea.

The hashtag "#FrozenHoney" has been viewed nearly 600 million times, and the hashtag "#FrozenHoneyChallenge" has been viewed more than 80 million times.

What is this Frozen Honey?

Going by the videos, the 'frozen honey' concept shows users simply pouring honey into an empty water bottle, tossing it in the freezer and letting it sit for around two to three hours until it takes on a gelatinous texture. A sweet fluid then can be seen squeezing out of the tube, which can be eaten like a popsicle, the videos show. Honey and a freezer are basic requirements.

Some users have been adding their own twist to frozen honey, experimenting with new colors and recipes. Eloise Fouladgar tested out the original hack before putting a bubble tea spin on it. She combined tea, corn starch and boba, and then froze the whole mixture till it was a jelly consistency.

Frozen Honey Challenge
The frozen honey trend requires freezing honey in a water bottle, and then eating it as a cool treat TikTok

How Did It Start?

One of the earliest users to try out the latest trend was @daveyrz who posted his own frozen jelly video in an attempt to "attract some bees" with the sweet trick on July 11. Since then, he's gone on to post multiple takes on the frozen honey hack, including colored frozen honey, frozen syrup, and more. It didn't take long for the food trend to take off.

However, some users have claimed that after they tried the honey, they felt sick or were running for the bathroom with diarrhea.

What Are the Health Concerns?

While TikTok users are engaged in consuming the frozen honey, health experts are worried that the sticky substance could hurt people's teeth, cause cavities and pull out fillings, reported NBC News. Large amounts of honey can also lead to sugar overload.

Young people who are interested in gobbling up bottles of frozen honey should think twice, experts warned, as they could experience diarrhea, stomach cramping, bloating and other adverse effects.

Frozen Honey Challenge
In the Frozen honey challenge, solid-looking shaft of golden honey oozes out Twitter

According to NBC News, Lisa Young, an adjunct professor of nutrition said "I worry about kids' going on TikTok to get their information and then following the latest trend and not tuning in to their own, internal stomach."

"If you try this trend once in a while and you get a stomachache — just because everyone else is doing it — be independent and you don't have to do it, either," she added.

Frozen honey appears to be safe for consumption, although it is loaded with sugar as it's made up of pure carbohydrates and could spike blood sugar level if eaten in large quantities, Jessica Cording, RD, told Health.

How Are Twitter Users Reacting?

Meanwhile, Twitter users are also discussing this topic. Some have termed this as 'weird' while many are excited about giving the hack a try. Some also believe that fresh honey is best and the health concerns are genuine. One user wrote: "Arguably one of the least harmful internet trends I've seen in a long time." Another wrote: "They should try eating Honey, straight from the Hive."

Several users also called the trend 'disgusting' and revealed how social media era is wild. One user wrote, "I tried to make this recipe, but it was too difficult, and I wished I had read the doctor's warning about the teeth, it would have saved me a trip to the dentist."