How Runway Influence Helps Brands on Social Media

Sara Sampaio

Big brands all over the world need exposure for their products. They need to reach more and more people who would be interested in their products. This not only helps a brand to grow, but it also increases a brand's value and credibility. As people are more trusted than ads, more and brands are now getting their products promoted by social media influencers. These influencers already have a massive number of followers. When these influencers endorse a product, it immediately gets credibility and catches millions of admiring eyes. This is far better than forced commercials popping up from an unfamiliar brand's page.

Sara Sampaio is one such model influencer who has been working with Runway Influence, a digital marketing agency. Sampaio has a staggering number of followers on social media who trust her more than paid ads. She has been helping brands find the target consumer to generate more leads, multiplying sales. Runway Influence is a renowned marketing agency operating in the digital space, helping brands with social media campaigns, brand activations, content development, project management, talent integration, and more such services.

Top models and influencers like Alessandra Ambrosio and Sampaio work with Runway Influence to amplify a brand's message through stunning visual content. The agency not only helps brands develop a relationship with their customers but also creates explosive brand awareness. Runway Influence has worked for globally renowned brands like Adidas, TikTok, Wild Fox, and McLaren. The agency has more than 1,000 cool influencers working for them to help brands reach more than 100,000 organic followers every month. This powerful marketing and viral content has taken several brands from zero to fame in a matter of months.

Runway Influence works with some of the most beautiful women from the advertisement industry. These influencers have an ever-increasing number of genuine followers who trust them. This gives a wide-scale exposure to brands when their products are endorsed by these influencers. This marketing strategy is more cost-effective than sponsored advertisement campaigns on social media. People tend to ignore ads as they are forced and often considered a waste of time. On the other hand, influencers use their credibility to bring the audience to see and love their posts.

The agency is a master of digital marketing strategies, delivering result-oriented solutions to their clients. Besides influencer campaigns, Runway Influence also offers a host of services that includes influencer product collaboration, influencer endorsements, social media management, brand development, ambassador network, etc.

Digital marketing is taking a new turn now as people are changing their perception of ads. People no longer believe what they see and want everything to be verified before they invest in it. This is where social media influencers play a crucial role to help brands reach their target customers. However, agencies like Runway Influence will always be the real mastermind behind the accelerating growth of these brands.