How to request for new shows and movies on Disney+? Read to know more

Disney+ landed over 10 million subscribers on the day it was launched and the streaming service also had a lot of issues but has managed to resolve most of them


With the launch of Disney+, there have been a lot of issues relating to the streaming service. Nonetheless, the video streaming platform has managed to acquire more than 10 million subscribers just on its first day. This also resulted in the streaming services stock to rise more than 7.3% on the 14th of November.

On its launch, Disney+ offered its subscribers over 7,500 episodes of various shows and had a list of 500 movies. However, this is not it. Disney+ has promised to make available many more shows in the future. With so many shows that are available on the platform, it came with a lot of issues and this has made the fans disappointed.

As per an article on Comicbook, there's a way to access the movies and shows you wish to watch. A twitter user, Joshua Gill, recently pointed out that there is a request feature available on Disney+. Where will you find this? First, click on the "Help" button.

From the list of options you find, click on "Give Feedback" and then click on "Request a film or show." This dropdown menu will allow you to request up to three movies. But, if you wish to request for more shows and films, you can fill the form multiple times.

Now, here's a problem. Disney+ does not have access to many shows and movies because there is a difficulty to obtain a license or there are some series that won't be available because of age restrictions. However, Disney+ makes a list of all the requests and will try bringing these shows onboard. So, no harm in trying to request for your favourite shows.

The streaming service has added a list of the new content already! Have a look at the shows that were added.

  1. Encore!
  2. The Imagineering Story
  3. Disney Family Sundays
  4. Hero Project
  5. The Mandalorian
  7. Forky Asks A Question
  8. The World According to Jeff Goldblum
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