How Reach Hacker Perris Aquino's Personal Brand Landed Him a Viral Acting Role

Perris Aquino

In a world where you never know who is watching, especially with billions on the various social media platforms, a strong personal brand is essential for success. It helps you get your name out to the world, expands your reach, and in some cases, land your dream job, just like Perris Aquino.

Perris is a creative entrepreneur, social media influencer, travel content creator, and educator. For the past eight years, Perris has been developing his brand centred on spirituality, entrepreneurship, and creativity. He has been using his Instagram and Youtube channels to share his life journey with the rest of the world as he educates people on the importance of personal branding.

He is a well-known digital marketer and the founder of one of the leading digital marketing companies in Las Vegas, 5D Growth Solutions. According to Perris, your brand says a lot about you. It is a representation of who you are as a person and what you want to achieve. He notes that sharing your authenticity online and offline helps the audience relate better to your content and forms a basis of trust and helps build long-term relationships. This, in turn, paves the way for more opportunities as you grow your audience reach.

When Perris decided to try his luck with acting, he didn't know he would get a viral role that would see him reach the top. He says he has always had an interest in acting. As he was a content creator, acting was something he wanted to also pursue.

However, the entertainment industry is brutally competitive, and landing an acting gig can be challenging, especially as a newbie. But Perris Aquino didn't give up. He decided to go with an approach not used by many, and by building his personal brand, he was able to book his first acting role with the Korean Comic book company, Webtoon.

Adonis Xavier, the creator of the Appsolutely Geekd Youtube Channel and producer with Viral Film Production company Ismahawk, has been a close follower of Perris, watching his activity on his social media platforms. Having been watching Perris on the sidelines, he was confident that Perris would execute the role of Gray Yeon flawlessly, and he reached out to him. Perris was cast as the lead role for the production as his first-ever acting role, and the adaptation received over five million views on Youtube in a few days.

Looking back, Perris says working on the project was a great experience, and he witnessed first-hand the power of building your personal brand. He is now showing others how to build a solid online brand, sharing tips that he has learned. Together with his team at 5D Growth Solutions, Perris Aquino is assisting his clients in expanding their reach and teaching them strategies that will allow them to build an undeniable brand presence that can open up new opportunities in your career, life, business, and more.

Your brand positions you for opportunities, says Perris. He adds that how you carry yourself in the various online platforms partly determines your success. To learn how you can start accelerating your brand and business, connect with Perris here.