How is building authenticity?


The fact that trust does not come naturally while surfing on the internet is something we have all witnessed first-hand. All of us are seeking validation one way or the other; what better way to google it, right? Google is supposed to answer all our queries, right? But choosing from a pool of options only makes this task harder than it is supposed to be.

Concentrating this idea to the astrological realm, it is no news that we all have come across psychics, storytellers, tarot readers, numerologists and soothsayers at some point in our lives. And it is no news that we have all searched for them online, looking out for top psychics in our regions or top soothsayers in the area. But who is to say that these 'top' websites are compatible with our personal needs? The Psychic industry has grown exponentially over the years, leading to thousands of additions online.

This is where comes in, a website where a user can find honest and authentic reviews for multiple psychic websites depending upon their needs. aims at providing veritable reviews to help the seekers find genuine online websites that offer authentic content and services. Not only that, this website reviews applications along with providing free tarot and psychic readings. This multi-dimensional website also enlists jobs related to the metaphysical sector with detailed segregation of requirements, payment details, and whatnot! also has a dedicated section for newcomers where it provides information regarding psychic services along with answering common questions in order to give a general idea on the rave caused by the psychic industry.

What makes this website a go-to platform is its full disclosure policy, where the makers enlist their methodology and statistical approach. All the reviews provided by get thoroughly cross-checked by a team of experts from the fields of spirituality, astrology, and psychics, like Chris Harting, Hannah Mysore, Robert Rodriguez, Jenny Bradshaw, and Jack Readings. The fact that these reviews are well researched and are a culmination of thousands of user responses attests to the notion that is building an authentic and trustworthy space.

Witnessing these well-researched reviews by experts not only appeals to us, the users, the seekers but also adds to the idea of validation. The idea, where we know, from a credible source, that the psychic we're pursuing is a viable choice. By creating this online, trusted community, surely is filling the vacant space with innovative and transparent content, adding to the idea of authenticity and bringing it full circle.