How Pipl is Reimagining Philanthropy with a Modern NFT Twist


Synergizing the raw potential of NFTs, decentralization, and a community of generous supporters to deliver a lasting impact for the betterment of society and the planet

Where most NFT projects leverage their aesthetic appeal as the collection's primary appeal, Pipl ( is taking a different approach. It's a refreshing initiative that offers artwork and creative expression in hearty doses, but its true mission extends far beyond visuals.

Billing itself as the next-gen community of philanthropists, this bold new project is harnessing the limitless potential of decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to drive meaningful impact on our cherished planet and all its inhabitants.

Uniting All Stakeholders

There are non-profit organizations that fight day and night to preserve the planet and uplift the underprivileged members of society. There are also countless people who wish to support these efforts. The Pipl community will bring together not just these two groups, but all stakeholders, including innovators, creatives, and influencers.

Pipl's philosophy is rooted in its relentless belief that the only solution to the world's most pressing challenges is a collective, united effort. This is true for all challenges, from hunger and inequality to the climate crisis and much more.

To achieve this goal, Pipl is leveraging the next generation of internet technology that's more commonly known as the Web 3.0 revolution. In other words, Pipl is reimagining philanthropy and wider human collaboration through the lens of a decentralized community.

How Pipl Works

To bring its dream to life, Pipl will operate by launching multiple NFT collections over the upcoming months and years. The proceeds from the sale of each collection will go towards advancing the noble mission of the entire community.

For starters, 30% of all proceeds will go directly to the NGOs that we work with, including donations and sponsorship. 20% of the proceeds will be used to establish a fund to select the individual projects or events we support while 10% will be used for community marketing and promotion and 40% will be used for the daily operations of Pipl.

Thanks to the trustless and permissionless nature of NFTs and decentralized finance in general, Pipl will attract kind souls from every city, every state, every country, and every continent on the planet. By uniting all stakeholders from every part of the world, Pipl will usher in a new era of synergized, technology-forward philanthropy.

The Genesis Collection

The Genesis Collection will contain the Original Pipl, a mesmerizing entourage of NFT characters that are as diverse as they are fascinating.

Painstakingly detailed and passionately conceived, each Pipl will take shape through a blend of 300 distinct traits. At the same time, each character will share the same roots, thus driving home the point that all Pipls are equals.

With the launch of the Genesis Collection planned for May 31st, the entire cast of Ethereum-based NFT characters will be up for grabs soon.

Holder Rewards to Supercharge Impact

As a decentralized project, Pipl can leverage advanced mechanisms of the decentralized finance sector to incentivize community involvement. As such, Pipl will reward all holders of its NFTs, starting with the Genesis Collection.

With a strong commitment to rewarding its community, Pipl will offer a multitude of rewards for all holders. For instance, the Genesis Collection holders will get automatic whitelist spots, priority access, and other perks for all the collections to follow.

On the other hand, each holder will become not just a member of the community, but also a part-owner. This means that users will have a platform to raise their concerns and have their voices heard across the channels of this community. From the selection of supported charities and sponsored events to the projects that Pipl will support, the community members will have the privilege to share their input in all decisions.

There will also be a variety of individual perks that will be revealed later, including a secret line of merchandise made available to holders exclusively and real-world gatherings in select cities across the globe.

In short, Pipl's revolutionary approach will reward holders with exciting perks, uplift society by funding NGOs and sponsoring impactful events, and preserve the planet by funding forestation and carbon offsetting drives among other initiatives.

To quote the creators themselves, "With Pipl, everybody wins!"