How Piccalio is Resurrecting the Long-Forgotten Wave of Wooden Toys?


Toys are not just for kids' recreation but also for their personal development. When a baby is born, it is surrounded by toys for entertainment. But are toys just meant for fun? Safety and learning are other traits toys offer, which young parents should focus on rather than only going for fascinating objects. This blog sheds light on one platform that brings back the charm of long-forgotten wooden toys. Piccalio is one such wooden toy brand based in America that has set an example in the kids' toy market that sustainability is beautiful.

From children's playrooms to making them kitchen-friendly, Piccalio, thoughtfully created in Venice, California, was born to adopt eco-friendly toy practices while boosting a child's creativity and imagination. Toys at Piccalio are tailor-made per the kids' requirements as they pass a certain age. Whether your child is a toddler or an 8-year-old, Piccalio provides everything they need to satisfy their insatiable boredom and maintain their curiosity.

Delving into the favorites and best sellers at Piccalio

Piccalio's Stepping Stones are a perfect fit for your child to achieve spatial orientation and the sense of balance he or she requires. Available in six beautiful colors, stepping stones are a creative way for your child to develop paths, building stones, play hopscotch, and much more! The wooden toy not only encourages your child to exercise but also helps them improve their gross motor skills.

The Acrobat Balance Beam follows, which provides a similar feature of balance and coordination while allowing children to stretch their bodies. Each set has four beams and five connectors and is recommended for kids up to 8 years of age. With this, kids can build different shapes with beams.

Piccalio's Climber Pikler Triangle Set is the favorite purchase among young parents. The wooden toy helps your toddler climb, build forts, and slide while indulging in imaginative play. It helps increase children's concentration and grip strength.

Piccalio also offers toys for all baby kitchen enthusiasts

There have been scenarios wherein young moms are seen cooking in the kitchen, and their little ones get curious about how a dish was prepared or the utensils used. Baby kids often get hold of sharp objects in the kitchen, which we cannot give them. Worry not! Piccalio has sorted it for you by offering an array of kid-friendly tools your child can play with.

These include helper towers, mini cutters, a wooden knife, and an apron and hat set to give them the feeling of being a chef. Now moms can quickly cook in the kitchen while their children get busy in the Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower, which acts like a kitchen stool for your child to reach kitchen counters safely and can be easily transformed into a table. Also available in a foldable style, the helper tower can be stored easily without taking up much space.

Lastly, Piccalio's wooden knife allows your kid to slice bananas, cucumbers, and cheese easily and without getting hurt. So what are you waiting for? Make Piccalio's toys a part of your child's daily play and help them learn and grow faster.