How Peter Triantos Fixed his Feet in the Australian Food Industry

Peter Triantos

We all look up to successful people for inspiration, and it would not be wrong to acknowledge the success story of Peter Triantos as one of the most inspirational ones.

Peter is Australian by birth, who grew up in a poor household. He developed an interest in business and entrepreneurship during his teenage and, at the age of 21, bought his own run-down chicken grill bar that was quite a successful decision. However, Peter faced emotional trauma as he lost his family home, but he did not let this stress overpower him and learned from it instead. He realized that the traditional format of engaging distributors should be replaced with servicing stores directly.

He always believed that success should be the ultimate goal as money becomes secondary then, and sticking to this belief, he continued taking steps towards success.

Today, Peter is not only an entrepreneur but also a successful business owner with an honorable reputation worldwide, and thousands of fans on Instagram.

A couple of years ago, Peter stepped into the Australian manufacturing industry, and, as he succeeded in it, he took a chance at launching a distribution group called the 8 Food Distribution Group in an attempt to directly supply to stores. Peter further shared that he has been successful in taking the right move and celebrates one of the world's most recognized food safety programs in place. (FSSC 22000 accreditation.)

As for now, Peter Tri is working on his focus on innovation, improving productivity, increasing competitiveness, and improving brand recognition and value for 8 Food.

Peter believes in motivating people and leaves no chance of doing so through social media platforms like Instagram. He makes the audience learn from his personal experiences and encourages them to make the right moves in the world of manufacturing and distribution.

Moreover, Peter Triantos compels the youth not to let the fear of failure or lack of self-confidence deviate them from following their passion and executing unique ideas.