How The Organic Marketing Company Started?

The Organic Marketing

Behind every successful business, idea, passion, and dedication play an indispensable role. The Organic Marketing is avowed as one of the leading digital marketing platforms, that helps in promoting and managing a business. Starting with only 15 - 20 clients, The Organic Marketing have successfully aced its services and has gained over 500 clients, in a matter of two years.

Who Founded The Organic Marketing Company?

"Learning is a key to success", this line has been proved by the founder of the company Mr. Yash Rathi, the man behind the success of the company. He was an aspiring Actor and a Model, who actively participated in theatres, fashion shows, and other forms of art like dancing. He was in the promenade of his career, with offers from directors and fashion choreographers, until the pandemic arrived (CORONA). He was perplexed about the situation, and that's when the idea of marketing struck him. As mentioned, learning is a key to success. Therefore, Yash started his research in online marketing and worked on his idea to make it more feasible for his target audience. After committing numerous mistakes and learning from them, eventually, he polished himself in placing ads. He started reaching out to brands and businesses, to gather clients, but only received a few. He then started with an idea of placing ads for his own company on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. using his own tactics and creativity in placing the ads. The aura of not giving up is what made him taste success. Yash then stepped into freelancing social media marketing and gathering and managing an ambitious team which evolved his business to social media management, website designing, SEO services, content writing and marketing, and much more.

How It All Started?

The voyage of the company was a roller coaster ride for its enthusiastic team behind. It all started with multifarious online problems, but with a one-stop solution, The Organic Marketing. Accidents usually leave a mark on a soul, but they can be a spark and an opportunity to work for the unexpected future. After COVID stepped as a caitiff in the world, many careers and businesses were demolished, but this was not the end for the company, Mr. Yash, without giving up, reached out to more than 1000 people, pitching his business, all over the social platform, but only a few responded. After a month of continuously reaching out to people, The company started to receive adequate clients who were contented with their services. The team's dedication and hard work have helped the company to surpass its milestone, and become a full-fledged marketing agency. In the coming years, they ought to reach new heights of success, by expanding their business to the international level.

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