How onXRP Is Revolutionising The Web 3 Space With Their 'Collaboration, No Competition' Approach


XRPL based Web3 project, onXRP, is creating high strides in the market thanks to its great vision and mission. The progressive tech project aims to create a transparent, trustworthy, and user-friendly environment.

"The platform will be focused on user experience and community participation by listening to community requirements and adjusting in real-time. Collaboration is more important to us than competition. onXRP will provide value to each project by providing the tools needed to succeed. By fostering synergies across the ecosystem, we hope to protect both users and projects. A safe refuge for newcomers and an agora for the entire community." a statement by the onXRP team reads as saying.

Despite being one of the newer projects in the market, onXRP is rapidly building its blocks by collaborating with some of the major market players like RIPPLE, XPUNKS, Cemtrex, Pastel, and Albridge.

onXRP partnered with Pastel Network earlier in March this year to enhance the security of the XRPL NFT ecosystem and integrate specific tools, purpose built by Pastel, into the onXRP marketplace. This one of its kind and unique partnership is meant to boost the security of onXRP NFTs. With the help of Pastel, onXRP will be able to authenticate the rareness and perform near-duplicate detection checks of all the NFTs minted on its platform, thus providing lossless, permanent storage for all NFTs.

Talking about the partnership, Kaj Leroy, CEO of onXRP said, "Security and authenticity play an increasingly focal role within the entire NFT sphere. With frauds and fakes lurking around every corner, an increasing number of people have fallen victim to ever increasing complex frauds. Up until now, no established marketplace has implemented a tool like this one, and we are proud to announce that we are changing the game and putting ourselves ahead of scammers, fakes, and copycats. We're excited to partner with Pastel Network, and we will work tirelessly to make the integration of their tools a seamless experience for all users and artists on the onXRP NFT marketplace."

onXRP has also officially partnered to launch licensed Michael Jackson NFTs. But this is not the end, and the team aims to continue doing more big partnerships in the future.

The popularity of onXRP is increasing rapidly as one of the most promising and user-oriented tech projects around. More and more people are using the XRP Ledger, looking for content that is unfortunately still scattered across the internet. The goal of onXRP is to reduce barriers to entry through an educational platform that will amplify the voices of knowledgeable community members.