How One Young Entrepreneur's Impressive Work Ethic Transformed a Basement Idea Into a Six-Figure Streetwear Brand

Jaffry Jan Mallari

Jaffry Jan Mallari was a typical high school kid dealing with all the issues and complexities that come with being a teenager in Canada and high school due to being a recent immigrant at the time. Yet, behind all that pessimism and angst was something that would drive him to become an incredibly successful entrepreneur. Within the span of four years, JJ would transform an idea of creating a streetwear brand into a brand called NGHTPRWL, and then further transform it into the successful RESURGENCE brand.

Starting at 18, JJ began to turn the wheels of success. He saw someone at high school making a killing selling basic hats. Seeing this, he thought to himself that he could sell hats as well, but at half the price. Back then, he wasn't into fashion at all, and couldn't figure out why someone would buy a hat for $40 when he could get ten shirts at Walmart for the same price. That's when he started learning about everything he could when it came to streetwear fashion.

Pretty soon, Jaffry would found his first brand, NGHTPRWL. This was a nod to night prowling, which is something he used to do in high school. Sneaking out of the house and having a crazy and fun time out at night left him with lasting memories that he funneled into the creative ideas he had for the brand. No success at all as I only got to sell 1 hat online after a few months of work.

Since NGHTPRWL failed miserably. I took a year off and then started RESURGENCE to fix the mistakes, and prove everyone that their assumptions are wrong.

JJ has a lot to thank Reddit for. If it wasn't for the initial traction of his designs going viral on the site, he might not have experienced the success he enjoys today. However, his work got in front of thousands of eyes, leading to a few hundred sales within the first hour alone of showcasing his streetwear brand.

A Die-Hard Work Ethic

JJ would achieve the level of success he now enjoys thanks to an impressive work ethic he carried. Back when he was first starting out in the streetwear apparel niche, he would still have school obligations every day. When he got home, he would stay up until 3 AM to work on his RSG RESURGENCE brand, then wake up at 6 AM to go to school and do it all over again, every day. It was both time-consuming and exhausting. Yet, he still feels it was definitely worth it.

Today, Jaffry Jan Mallari can boast that he operates a six-figure streetwear brand that is increasing in popularity with each passing day. Take a look at the latest apparel from RESURGENCE by heading over to the online store. You can also follow RESURGENCE on Instagram here.