How One Click Changed His Life: YouTuber Alex Ketchum Encourages Creators to Dive In

Alex Ketchum

Alex Ketchum has never been accepting of the status quo; in every facet of his life, he pushes boundaries, thinks creatively, and goes above and beyond. His rapid growth on social media, starting with Instagram and YouTube, may have seemed sudden to onlookers, but with a knack for innovative comedy and bold entertainment, Alex's videos mastered the art of capturing an audience quickly. His virality isn't sudden or random, but rather the product of a creator who only has one approach: to be different.

His videos include trying to make non-carbonated items into carbonated beverages, a solo road trip to the ocean to release a grocery store lobster back to its home and using top ramen to fix a hole in his wall a hole he created specifically for the video. Putting hours into the production process and brainstorming ideas that some would call crazy have given Alex a platform he used to only dream of.

Starting out as a funny kid who wanted to share some joy with the world, Alex Ketchum decided to press "post" on his first Instagram video, not expecting anything to come of it. The first night it was posted, thousands of followers began to make their way to his profile. He realized he was creating something that grabbed attention and built a fanbase, so he kept going. With boosted confidence from his Instagram success, his next plan was to jump onto YouTube and use the longer-form videos for some of his craziest stunts.

Today, Alex has over 100K followers on Instagram, proving to the world that his content has value, but, more importantly, proving to himself that believing in his craft would pay off. He had no idea that his life would be social media-centric or that his career would evolve with these social media platforms, but Alex is a natural. His ability to connect with people on and off screen is unmatched. Watching his videos make you feel like you're one of his friends, in the room with him, pulling some semi-crazy stunt.

There is room for all types of creators, and if anyone can attest to the fact that you should click "post," it's Alex. He knows what it's like to be wary of getting started, but his reflection is an encouragement to all creators, "I always loved making videos and entertaining. Putting my videos online was frightening at first though. The internet is a stage, and I had to build the confidence to perform on it." The internet is Alex's stage, but it can be your stage, too.

Not everyone is going to go viral right away like Alex did, but by carefully differentiating yourself, you can connect with audiences in a way that sets you apart from other creators on the same platforms. Take it from Alex himself, the biggest obstacle standing in your way is you; work through your fears, believe in your abilities, and lean into the creative process. Maybe one day, you'll get to look back and be glad you went for it, just like Alex is.