How OLAK CEO Jay Pavagadhi is changing the game for Personal Data Privacy

Jay Pavagadhi

When Jay got frustrated with updating his insurance details with a countless number of hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors, little did he know at the time that this inconvenience would lead him to start a company to build a better way to manage and protect people's data. Realizing that personal data is scattered across so many third parties, which makes it almost impossible to manage it easily, Jay decided to launch OLAK. OLAK is a Personal Data Store solution protected with end-to-end encryption and it allows individuals to manage their data from a single point instead of contacting every single third party individually.

OLAK Personal Data Store solution has two distinct advantages for people: Firstly, it allows them to upload, share, and delete their data easily without having to visit a ton of websites and filling out forms. In other words, it is truly a time-saver and excellent convenience.

Are you going to update your address for your magazine subscriptions, bank records, or insurance providers? You don't have to do it on 10 different websites for 10 different times. You can do it only once on OLAK Personal Data Store and your update will be sent to relevant parties immediately.

Secondly, the OLAK encryption solution protects personal data far better than any traditional data storage model, including cloud solutions. When a user uploads her data, her data is encrypted and no other third party, not even OLAK has access to the encryption key to access the content of personal data. What is more fascinating is that users can cherry-pick what personal data they share so they can avoid giving away unnecessary details.

As of now, OLAK has more than 2000 users and keeps growing its user base rapidly with its 20% monthly growth rate. OLAK browser auto-fill function can be used on web browsers to upload and share personal details.

While OLAK browser autofill has already received a fair amount of praise from its users, this is just the beginning of mass-adoption. To become a market leader in Personal Data Stores, OLAK understands that it has to integrate businesses into its platform as well and provide them with great benefits.

This is why OLAK 'Enterprise Integration Tool' will be coming out real soon. It will ensure that secure management and exchange of personal data between individuals and businesses are established so that businesses can also reap the benefits such as accessing the most updated data.