How NFTs will play a pivotal role in the future: Virgil


Who is the enigmatic entrepreneur known as Virgil? That would be Tyler Thornton, aka Virgil on Twitter.

After relocating from New York City to California, Virgil has founded several successful cannabis and blockchain businesses. This includes Secret Nature, one of the most prominent CBD brands in the United States. Virgil has gone a step further and expanded into the realm of NFTs with Cyber Pharmacy. This ambitious project is a Costco-influenced discount marketplace for top-tier CBD, cannabinoid, and mushroom-based products.

Virgil has long excelled in product development for hot industries like cannabis, Web 3.0, and NFTs. He supervises multiple brands in all of these spaces but mainly focuses on the NFT aspect. A hallmark of Web 3.0 is deregulation and the rise of blockchains. Virgil is poised to capitalize on these shifts as unified online communities support his products. He also runs his empire on the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness-all overwhelming themes of the newest iteration of the internet.

NFTs have seen an exponential rise in popularity in a short period of time, and Virgil feels this digital artwork will play a pivotal role in our future. They will serve as building blocks for global assets, but they also serve as a critical component in creating identity, communities, and social interactions. They simplify digital asset ownership and can be earned casually through sources like play-to-earn games. All of these are reasons why Virgil incorporated NFTs into his innovative plans and expects to see formidable revenues.

People value digital goods. NFTs are a unique cryptocurrency as they add a visual sense to the concept of digital currency. Bitcoin charts might be challenging to grasp, but a visual token representing monetary value can be much easier to comprehend. By operating on this principle, Virgil is on the cusp of further advancing an area that has been held back by archaic beliefs.