How Narayan Ghimire is set to disrupt the Food Tech Industry

Narayan Ghimire

Food Technologists are typically investigative and meticulous in implementing evidence-based know-how into real-life scenarios. Few of them are incredibly keen and curious people who enjoy spending time by themselves thinking. They first translate theoretical knowledge into practice on the bench. The experimental development works they design unusually uncover new ideas. They exploit those ideas to generate a new concept further until they acquire the breakthrough they are looking for. They also frequently enjoy working outside or putting their hands to work on a practical job because they tend to be realistic. The wave of technology has spread not just with blockchain, artificial intelligence, and robotics but also to the food industry, which is equally involved. However, just a handful have investigated this subject, and one of the persons who has left an impact in this field is Narayan Ghimire.

The creation of unique therapeutic food recipes and medicinal flavourings for food and medicine is Ghimire's area of expertise. He is interested in disruptive innovation, Veda, and Bigyan, and has worked in the food and drug sciences for over 25 years, changing people's diets toward healthier ones that may, in fact, prevent illness. Narayan is on the cusp of disrupting the food industry with his research into the link between 2,500-year-old ayurvedic medicine, medicated diets, a healthy living philosophy, and a synthesis of cutting-edge science and technology.

Narayan successfully created eighteen new food products and four new technologies at the Yampa Food Processing Center, the first institution established in Nepal to dedicate itself to food science and research with private initiatives. Unfortunately, because of the conflict that existed at the time between Nepal's government and the Maoists, his business was forced to close.

A failure to sustain a herbal base food industry paying attention to health against profoundly poignant industrial commodification help him to learn resiliency. Ghimire engaged in Japanese and North American applied training to familiarize himself with the most potent innovation management tools. Meanwhile, Ghimire started collaborating with a group of food scientists, technologists, and flavorists to develop over 300 unique food flavorings using the evidence base knowledge of food and drug science and technology.

Ghimire holds quality engineer and lean-six-sigma blackbelt certifications from the American Society of Quality. Also, from the British Society of Flavourists as a Certified Flavorist and the Institute of Food Technologists as a Certified Food Scientist. He has applied quality functions to food ingredients like vegetarian meat, vegan cheese, and cannabis-less cannabis.

In 1994, Narayan earned a degree in food technology from Tribhuvan University. Later, he completed his post-graduate work in Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Science in Toronto, Canada. Then, he completed his lean six sigma master blackbelt from Villanova University. Our brain only comprises two percent of body weight. However, it uses twenty percent of the energy supplied through the food we eat. The role of air, food, and water in our body is far beyond the nutritional. Ghimire is looking for a means to create holy cuisine that goes beyond superfoods, has medicinal powers, and enhances people's spirits and spiritual bliss.