Roger Federer

The agent of Roger Federer says the tennis legend is unaware as to how long he can continue before announcing retirement.

After winning the first and only French Open in 2009, Roger Federer had considered retiring from tennis. He revealed this earlier that after winning all four Grand Slam titles and having surpassed Pete Sampras' 14 Grand Slam titles, the Swiss tennis legend thought of retiring. Federer has since won six more Grand Slam titles taking his overall tally to 20 and is still continuing at the age of 37. After two years gap, Federer has decided to take part in the clay season in 2019.

Roger Federer's long-time agent Tony Godsick discussed the tennis star's retirement plans.

"I have often asked him how much longer he will continue to play, because I would like to know as his manager, to have an idea, but he does not know it himself," Godsick he told Swiss publication Tages Anzeiger.

"Roger will continue playing while he is healthy and having fun, and Mirka and the children are happy, that's the most important thing for him. He is undoubtedly on the second nine holes of his career. Hopefully not on the 18th hole, but on the 16th or 17th."

Tony Godsick also said Federer could continue endorsing the brands he is currently endorsing even after retirement.

"He is a dedicated dad and husband who will be happy to be at home, watch the kids doing sports, take them to school and stuff like that," he said. "He will deal with his foundation, which will continue to grow. He has many long term sponsorship contracts and I imagine he will continue with these and other companies he likes."

"We do not involve his partners in his life but he knows he is a part of these companies and may want to do more for them in the future."