How much does it cost to repair damaged iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 and more?

Take a look at the comprehensive iPhone service pricing of Apple here.

Apple Inc will fork out hundreds of dollars from you if you have your iPhone X damaged on certain conditions. In the company's new service pricing, the California-based iPhone maker's most expensive flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, will set you back as much as US$549 for damage repair.

Apple has updated its service pricing for damaged iPhone models, and it turns out having a smartphone repaired from the company is a luxury. The iPhone X repair costs US$279 for a damaged screen and US$549 for full repair.

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Not surprisingly, the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 follow. Screen repair for iPhone 8 Plus costs US$169, similar to iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. Screen repair for iPhone 8 costs US$169 just like iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s.

Conditions apply to screen damages across all devices, including accidental damage or mishandling. Even if the device is still under warranty, screen repair price applies if you have no AppleCare+ coverage.

Below is Apple's comprehensive matrix of service pricing for all iPhone models, including their full damage repair cost:

iPhone modelScreen repair onlyOther damage
Phone XUS$279US$549
iPhone 8 PlusUS$169US$399
iPhone 8US$149US$349
iPhone 7 PlusUS$169US$349
iPhone 7US$149US$319
iPhone 6s PlusUS$169US$329
iPhone 6sUS$149US$299
iPhone 6 PlusUS$149US$329
iPhone 6US$129US$299
iPhone SEUS$129US$269
iPhone 5sUS$129US$269
iPhone 5cUS$129US$269
iPhone 5US$129US$269
iPhone 4sUS$149US$199
iPhone 4US$149US$149
iPhone 3GSUS$149US$149
iPhone 3GUS$149US$149

The costs are subject to tax and shipping fee, if applicable. You can look up the other iPhone service pricing here.