How to Monetize Push Subscribers with Notix


Since the world is operating virtually mostly, earning on a virtual platform, or monetizing your services seems to be a clever choice. More specifically, if you have an audience on your website or a channel (or any other digital plan) where you run your business and publicize your content then push notifications can help you engage and grow your audience more efficiently. Notix provides you with such plans and tactics that use engaging push notifications to be sent to the subscribers by monetizing the process. In this article, we will further elaborate on what web push notifications are, why they are important, what Notix is, its key features, and the process of monetizing push subscribers with Notix.

Web Push Notification

Alert messages that pop up onto the users' screen are referred to as push notifications. Web push notifications are specific to websites only. Each visitor is asked for their consent in order to decide whether or not push notifications should be sent to them. Once the visitors allow the site to send push notifications, they become subscribers who regularly receive web push notifications. These notifications can even be sent if the subscriber is not presently visiting your site.

When compared to other traditional ways of sending notifications to the subscribers like email and SMS, push notifications prove to be more effective and swifter. One of the main benefits of web push notifications is that it increases website traffic on your website. Tempting push notifications capture higher click-through and open rates than the rest of the notifying techniques.

Monetization of Push Subscribers

Displaying appealing and clickable content through your push notifications causes an increase in your push subscribers. With greater numbers of subscribers and exciting offers through notifications, the traffic on your site can increase significantly. How great would that be to benefit from that traffic? Monetization of push subscribers is the way towards earning. You can do that by advertising your own products or going the more popular route of displaying offers from other services and products that are interested in your type of audience. The greater the number of clicks on your push notifications, the more money you make.


Notix is a platform that provides push services that help websites raise audience engagement. It can be used by any type of client for all kinds of businesses that have an online presence. It provides you with the required and relevant tools that aid in better marketing of your product or content through web push notifications. This service is also compatible with most of the widely used internet browsers. Notix assists in increasing audience engagement, reaching every user for any kind of client, and enables users to re-engage with their audience with their convincing web push notification service. Any business like e-commerce platforms, affiliates, media agencies, website owners, or any other type of online business, their integration with Notix helps them grow, target appropriate audiences, and actively engage and re-engage with their content consumers.


Web Push Notifications

The primary feature introduced by Notix is web push notifications. They significantly vary from mobile app push notifications. Some key differentiating components include its use cases, appearance, functionality, opt-in rates, engagement rates, and reach. Notix supports notifications on Windows, macOS, and Android.


Since your subscribers come from different areas and time zones, you need your notifications to reach them at the ideal time and Notix makes it possible for you. It is done by identifying your customer's physical location. Combining the power of geolocation with push notifications is marketing magic that leads to an overly personalized customer experience.

Geo-triggered push notifications allow a business to send information to clients using data obtained from their current or previous locations in order that they can deliver the most appropriate message to the appropriate user. Such notifications can be triggered once the client enters or leaves specific landmarks, such as cities or countries, and delivers to them the most relevant message based on their history of visits.

Device Targeting

Targeting specific devices is another excellent feature that makes Notix a good choice. Smartphones have currently overtaken the global market with an undebatable increase in mobile engagement from customers. More customers browse your website, interact with applications, read messages, and participate in other interactions using their mobile devices.

This is why you should consider incorporating push notifications to engage smartphone as well as desktop users with valid content in real-time. This feature enables users to send push notifications to mobile devices with already identified installation IDs who have opted to receive messages. It is always done by consent so there is no potential for misuse.

As noted, there is also the ability to send desktop notifications that will reach users in their browser. This is a great way to stay top of mind and increase engagement with users.


It is crucial to get insights on notification effectiveness and identify users who engage with them. With the NOTIX analytics feature, you can easily identify push notifications with high read rates, identify the most engaging, and notifications with high click-through rates. With such information, you can refine your push notification messaging accordingly.

Integration through Plugins

Notix offers you multiple ways to integrate with their service. You can seamlessly integrate by either using their API or WordPress Plugin.

Database migration and Real-Time Statistics

You can migrate your database of subscribers from a previous provider to Notix. Also, with Notix, there is the ability to work with databases of any size. The service is able to handle very large numbers of mailings or collected subscribers to ensure quality service and deliverability. Furthermore, you are able to receive real-time statistics of your marketing strategy.

Active Subscribers

Notix works only with an active subscribers database. Customers pay only for an active base and not for the entire base like other services. If a user has an active subscribers base of up to 30,000, Notix will be completely free for them. Although the billing varies for higher subscribers. All product features are available on all plans (paid and free), unlike our competitors who provide only a limited number of features on free plans (for example, there is no access to API or segmentation).

Monetization of Push Subscribers

Now for the key feature, monetization is introduced. Apart from all the benefitting features that we discussed above, monetization is easily the most promising feature for website owners.

The push service offered by Notix lets you reach the maximum audience and generate additional revenue. Instead of paying for the service, you can make money out of it. The better the content, the higher will be the number of clicks and the greater would be your earning.

The way it works is that when a visitor agrees on receiving your push notifications, you are able to send offers, deals, or any news that might interest your push subscriber. This allows you to display brand-safe advertising from other merchants. On receiving your notification, your subscriber will click on it to get further insight on that offer. Now that click is the engagement you require to monetize your push service. In other words, every time a subscriber clicks on your notification, it adds up to your income.

With Notix push monetization, you can choose the frequency of your push notifications. It lets you handle the limits and restrict the content according to your preferences. You can keep monitoring the monetization stats in order to observe the engagement rate. You can also Analyze your CPMs and daily revenues and stay in touch with your manager for the optimization process. In short, you have all the control over your dealings and management of your Notix account.


An enticing fact about Notix push monetization is that they have got the most favorable billing plans for their consumers. With the Monetization plan, Notix is completely free. The way you pay for services is by allowing Notix to send push notifications from advertisers, not only the ones you create. If you don't want your subscribers to receive any other push advertising, Notix paid plans are available. It's still free of cost if you have 30,000 or below active subscribers. If the number exceeds 30,000, your monthly price becomes $1 per 1K subscribers. Notix also offers custom pricing in case you have a bigger enterprise or considerably large business.


This article explains the necessity of creating engaging content that results in higher impressions, more visibility, and a greater number of subscribers. By enticing your audience with a catchy notification title, you can expect a noticeably higher engagement rate. Employing these tools results in a substantial boost in web traffic that can then be monetized. Notix is the platform that provides you with services that make it easy to manage and control your websites. From sending a simple push notification to making a profit out of it, Notix comprises all the useful features that one might need.