How Mohamed Derder Manages To Be An Excellent Professional & A Family Man?

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Mohamed Derder

Among all the plastic surgeons in Paris, Mohamed Derder is one of the most respected names. From a graduate in general medicine to being regarded as one of the topmost aesthetic surgeons, he has come a long way but not just time consuming, it has also been a challenging path.

Mohamed Derder came to France in 2003 and obtained 8 higher education diplomas during his training. Even after that, he traveled to the US to sharpen his skills. Fast forward to the day, he is working in European Georges Pompidou hospital and also doing private practice in Paris.

Mohamed is one of the most trustable names in the profession currently and that is because of the excellent service he has been giving to his clients. The aesthetic surgeon has served all kinds of clients and talking about it, he says, "The clients who come to see me are very varied, it can be the elderly woman who wants to rejuvenate and regain her face when she was younger or the patient who after childbirth wants to regain her figure before her pregnancies. Or a young patient who wants to modify part of her body to make it more feminine or more attractive or sometimes the desire to look like her idol (a star for example)."

Talking about his male clients, Mohamed Derder says, "Men also consult, the requests are varied from rejuvenation to the desire to have a more athletic body, the demand from men is clearly increasing. In my daily practice, I currently do a lot more cosmetic surgery than reconstructive surgery (such as surgery after cancer or reconstructions to treat the sequelae of burns) The cosmetic surgery that I practice is often facial interventions such as rhinoplasty, I also do facial rejuvenation. For silhouette surgery, I do a lot of liposuction, lipofilling, breast augmentation."

Mohamed also loves to take care of his own health. Talking about his fitness regime, he says, "I love to play sports and never let a week go without going to the gym or playing football." He also loves to travel and makes sure to enjoy himself with family even when it's hard to find the time from work.

This article was first published on February 9, 2022