How Millennial Dropshipping Success Story James Parry Made 7Figures During Lockdown

James Parry

James Parry is a successful dropshipper who has a few dropshipping stores today, leading him to earn seven figures in profit since lockdown began. That's an incredible feat by any measure. So, how did he do it?

First off, Jay was able to become as successful as he is with dropshipping thanks to previously being a social media marketer. During the time where he solely focused on SMM, he helped entrepreneurs grow on Instagram. He also briefly got involved with an ecommerce gym wear brand he ran out of his home. Using the skills he gained from these, Jay went on to become a highly successful dropshipping expert.

Today, his success is thanks to all of the traffic he is able to direct from Instagram to his dropshipping stores. Given how successful he has been, Jay has decided to help out other aspiring entrepreneurs hit the ground running in the world of dropshipping. That's why he offered store builds and mentoring. This was something he was passionate about, which has led to him helping over 100 people create financial freedom for themselves. In fact, a few of them are bringing in six and seven figures.

Recent lockdowns have led to a great deal of economic fallout, with thousands of businesses shuttering and millions of people earning less than they were at the start of 2020. With lockdowns barring people from going to physical stores for anything deemed non-essential, online shopping has exploded. Jay decided that he was going to be a successful entrepreneur, lockdown or not. That's why he found a way to use lockdown to his advantage.

Being stuck at home allowed him to use his time wisely to grow his stores to earn seven figures. Jay's best friend Bailey Knight is also his best success story. Today, Bailey boasts earning a massive seven figures in revenue since lockdown began. That's partially thanks to Jay mentoring him and showing him the most effective way to develop a successful dropshipping business.

As a symbol of his success, Jay has purchased a stunning Lamborghini Huracan. This exotic car serves as a reminder of his success and what is possible with some hard work, dedication, passion, and motivation. Jay has been adding to his car collection now that he has been so successful, buying an Audi R8 and Range Rover as well.

One of Jay's main passions these days is helping other would-be entrepreneurs get started on their journeys. He sees himself continuing to work with the dropshipping fulfillment business model and help others build their own dropshipping stores, growing their businesses. To him, this is one of the most rewarding things he has done so far, and it is something he now wants to pursue further.

To keep up with the latest from Jay, as well as get a regular dose of inspiration from this successful entrepreneur, head over to his Instagram page .