How MESA's Gesture-Controlled Concierge Kiosk Generates Millions for the Hospitality Industry

MESA's software

The world is slowly and steadily coming back to normal days. As expected, the industries which saw the biggest hit are the ones that are witnessing the biggest comeback.

This case applies especially to the hospitality industry, which has experienced the biggest hit in the COVID-19 pandemic. However, people all over the world have been waiting to travel since the onset of the pandemic.

Hotels and resorts are now getting to see a massive surge in demand, and this is expected to grow as more and more people start traveling. Amidst all this activity, hotels are actively looking for ways to further smoothen the experience of their customers along with exploring additional sources of revenue generation.

MESA's gesture-controlled concierge kiosk is helping the hospitality industry solve these concerns while allowing them to generate millions of dollars in additional revenue.

What is MESA's Gesture-Controlled Concierge Kiosk?

As the name suggests, MESA's gesture-controlled concierge kiosk is a revolutionary software that allows users to access and interact with information without any physical touch.

How does the Software work?

MESA's software is installed on a screen which is placed at a strategic place near the entrance of the hotel. It gets triggered whenever anyone comes near it and stands in the area marked "stand here."

It displays the welcome message along with easy instructions on how to use the digital kiosk. Users can easily navigate between different pages and landing pages to access information, surveys, QR codes, and much more.

They can access information about local activities, their room details, make payments for their room and other services, access videos, and other related things.
CHRL's software application can also be integrated with existing TVs in hotel rooms, which will provide a one-of-a-kind welcome for customers.

They can also interact with hand gestures to explore various enterprises, events, amenities, restaurants, entertainment, cultural events, hotel history, and event footage.
CHRL provides your guests with a touch-free, digital concierge!

Allowing Hotels to earn additional revenues from Advertising

Hotels and resorts offer one of the most lucrative areas for Businesses to advertise their products and services. MESA's digital kiosk allows hotels to charge a premium for advertising as it is linked to increased engagement and conversions.

MESA's software is known for increased brand recall and engagement. Customers will remember everything they interact with, along with having information of the advertisers stored in their phones with the help of QR codes.

Exploring the numerous Benefits

CHRL holds the potential to generate massive ROIs for your hospitality business and simplify every interaction for your customers.

Let's explore all the benefits and get a glimpse of what all it has to offer:
Administration: Hotels can virtually run all their operations from the digital kiosk and get data from it.

Billing: Customers can easily pay for services using the software and can also initiate a recurring monthly payment plan for specific services.

Health and Safety: MESA's digital kiosk allows customers and your staff to maintain social distancing and avoid physical touches at all times.

Analytics: You can study all the generated data to identify what works and what does not. You can identify the highest-performing landing pages and make regular tweaks to increase conversions.

Business Development: MESA's team provides additional support in helping the hotels identify ways of optimizing the advertising and increasing their revenues.

One of the highest ROI generating software

After getting MESA's software, you can get started with running ads on the screens in no time. MESA has studied the average market prices for ads and hundreds of other linked financials associated with digital kiosks and other opportunities.

● The figures from these extensive calculations expect an ROI of 449% for Year 1 and 1,108% for Year 2 with annual ad revenues on 10 screens for hotels and resorts!

Conclusion and the future ahead

MESA is answering one of the biggest challenges of contact-free operations for hotels.
No other software company currently serves the unique model as MESA, because of which the future looks quite promising for MESA and especially their customers - i.e., hotels and resorts.
CHRL is poised to become a necessity in the near future as more and more hotels and resorts start getting phenomenal results and ROIs!!!