How Maria Furdychka celebrated her birthday amid beautiful night in Dream Dubai

Maria Furdychka

Maria Furdychka celebrated her 31st birthday on 8th January 2023, but if you blinked you might've missed it, given that it was somewhat overshadowed by the mystery surrounding the Dream Dubai.

The headlines have been dominated over the last few days by many influencers and celebrities that Maria Furdychka bought the night in Dream Dubai on her 31st birthday, and won the hearts of the frenzy crowd who enjoyed with Maria the whole night.

With all that going on, it's no surprise that Maria opted for a wholehearted birthday, and she's reported to have spent a delightful night celebrating with her friends and dancing on different theme songs. Moreover, her gorgeous dressing style didn't go unnoticed since it was specially designed for Maria's birthday by Albanian fashion designer Merita Merja.

She uses her Instagram account to let people across the globe view her unique, exciting sense of fashion. Her distinctive sartorial choices are certainly making waves all over the social media space, and she did not miss out on sharing her biggest moments with her followers.

Notably, in a break from tradition, Maria Furdychka posted several stories and posts on her social media to mark her birthday.

Several influencers posted their photos with Maria Furdychka, where the most used comment found was "Wishing the Number One Mar1a a very happy birthday today!".

We wonder if Maria received a birthday card from her favourite Egyptian Singer 'Mohamad Ramadan', known for his most listened to track 'Number 1', which reportedly is Maria's favourite song. Indeed, it would be interesting for their audience to see these two best friends on stage together since Maria has decided now to become a World Star DJ 'Mar1a', hoping to release a song named 'Maria' with Mohamad Ramadan.