How Manuel Di Geronimo Has Created The Life He Loves

Manuel Di Geronimo

Italy based Manuel Di Geronimo loves travelling and his passion for fitness and Spartan Race has helped him do it. The 33 years old has participated in the Spartan Races since 2014.

Manuel shares that he came to know about the spartan race through a newspaper and was instantly fascinated by it. It was in Rome that he first participated in the race and fell in love with it. Since then, he has trained hard for the race and has got the chance to travel the world because of it. He has participated in more than 110 Spartan races including 3 times in the European championship.

Being a pro in OCR is extremely challenging but Manuel Di Geronimo has been able to do it with his sheer hard work and will to beat all the odds. Earlier in 2015, Manuel talked about how he manages to train consistently despite weekly competitions. Speaking to the High Achiever Diet, he said, "Like the majority of OCR athletes I run and do a lot of bodyweight exercises. Running is my weakest point, however, I am persistently working on improving it. On top of that, I do CrossFit too."

Manuel Di Geronimo published his first OCR book in 2021 named Le ocr: il manuale delle corse a ostacoli. But Manuel Di Geronimo is not just an athlete as he is a digital entrepreneur as well. He is also a degree holder in Osteopathy. Talking about his professional experience so far, Manuel says, "It has been a wild ride and I've enjoyed every bit of it. Participating in the spartan races and continuously training for them has helped me be at the top of my fitness game. I am also a social media manager and an online coach. Helping people understand the digital world and get the most out of it gives me satisfaction on another level. So, yes life has been very kind and I am enjoying every bit of it."