How Making $100 for an Instagram Post at 13 Launched Nathan Johnson on a Quest to 50 Million IG Followers

Nathan Johnson

Most 13-year-olds aren't as business-minded as Nathan Johnson was. What started out as a $100 payment for a post he made launched him on a path of extraordinary success by making money with Instagram pages.

Back when a company called Amp Me paid Nathan $100 for one of the posts he made on Instagram, he felt he was onto something big. However, upon showing his mom, she thought it was a scam. Thankfully, she quickly realized that once that money was in his PayPal account, and that the company looked legitimate, this was the potential start to a long-term business. Nathan's mom became more involved in the business, and is now a key mentor he looks to for advice. His father, Doug, also provides Nathan with sage advice, using his time being a successful TV station owner as the basis for the business advice he dispenses regularly.

Nathan understands the value of having a massive influence on social media. In fact, he understood the power of leveraging social media back when hardly anyone else knew how. That's because he was an early investor in curating and developing Instagram pages that drove engagement rates through the roof.

As successful as Nathan has become, he is reaching for the stars. He plans on continuing to follow his IG success formula for the multiple pages he runs. Nathan is also dipping his toes into placing ads for more companies. However, he is leaving the future open to whatever the best opportunities for him are. What he knows for sure is that whatever he will be doing, he will be giving it 110% so he makes as much as possible.

Ideally, Nathan sees himself managing Instagram pages with a combined total of 40 million followers within the next five years. He plans to use that remarkable success to develop a company that will help major corporations in placing, designing, and executing social media ads successfully.

For now, Nathan is scaling his business to gear up toward the success he envisions for himself. His current strategy is to reinvest over half of what he earns directly back into his Instagram-based business. This doesn't include his stock and real estate investments, which account for additional income Nathan is currently receiving.

According to Nathan, living below your means and reinvesting as much as you can is the key to scaling your business. This is what he does, and he is planning to follow this strategy until his Instagram pages can fulfill six-figure ad campaigns for major corporations all on their own.

Given how young Nathan is, his best days are likely still ahead of him. The level of success he has achieved at such a young age is a testament to his entrepreneurial mindset and business acumen. Nathan has quite a bit of momentum right now, so there are no limits to the growth and success he can achieve from here.