How To Make Headway Towards Your Goals By Maher Aslan

Maher Aslan

The only way to stumble on success is to keep going despite all odds and no one knows this better than Maher Aslan. People recognise Aslan as a well-celebrated hairdresser and as a significant social media influencer. He owns the Maher Aslan Premium Salon which has got international recognition. The 30 years old master hairdresser and entrepreneur has strived hard to achieve this lifestyle.

Maher Aslan started his odyssey in the hairdressing industry when he pursued his apprenticeship in a small salon. He realised his love for hairdressing during the training period. After putting constant efforts for four months, Aslan acquired the master's degree. Maher was offered the management of a small intimate salon at Braunschweig.

It took Maher Aslan a year to realise that he wanted to make his own name and have his own brand. Initially, Aslan managed to have a 30 sq meters salon at five places with one employee and one trainee. After working hard for three years, his salon started to get flooded with many customers, and accommodating them in the small salon was challenging.

By putting his Entrepreneurial knowledge into practice, Maher Aslan managed to get a salon of 180 sq meters. The number of employees increased to nine, and soon enough, he was able to run the Maher Aslan Premium Salon smoothly.

To remain connected with his followers on social media, Maher keeps demonstrating his skills and techniques. He shares videos and photos on his social media handles, which showcases Aslan's talent and provides valuable information.

Maher Aslan's technique of styling, cutting, and coloring sets him apart from other hairdressers. He has developed this technique himself by getting inspired by the innovative strength of different cultures. Aslan's masterclasses are for everyone, including apprentices, journeymen, entrepreneurs or hairdressers. Aslan always encourages people to give in to their creativity and start something new. He has come up with his own hair care range in salon-quality, and he plans to come up with cosmetic products. Maher is determined to achieve his goals, and it is safer to say that no obstacle can stop him from accomplishing his dreams.