How Lana Scolaro is counting to influence young DJ's and Producers through Social Media

Lana Scolaro

Throughout the crisis of Covid-19 and canceled performances for many artists and nightclub/festival owners, Lana Scolaro, aged 25 has continued to motivate and inspire young artists through her social media handle and Instagram @lanascolaro by releasing singles regularly and posting content working in different music studios.

This has made a large impact on other artists who may be finding it difficult to gain motivation and work during these difficult times. After signing with PowerHouse, and releasing her most recognized single "Charlie" under B1 Recordings, a Sony Music Entertainment Company at the beginning of May, the song has since gained over 200,000 streams on Spotify and has reached the top of numerous Pop Charts on Apple Music, making it possible for other artists aspiring to gain recognition to their music through social media.

During these difficult times for entertainers and anyone in the music/nightlife industry, Lana has also found a way to work from home and stay safe by hosting radio shows such as "I Heart Radio," and "Keyed Up," posting the content and podcast links on her social media which inspires particularly younger artists to engage more clearly with Lana's next ventures.

Lana will continue to inspire other artists who are struggling through this difficult time by not only posting content and music through her social media but also reaching out to charities and developing and designing her unique sweater line which intends to provoke "world peace and justice."

As an inspirational entrepreneur, at the age of only 18, Lana had already designed and launched her first Jewelry brand "LS Diamonds" and continued with her swimwear brand "LSD Swim" at the beginning of 2019, trying out all different fields and industries as well as solely music.

Next month, Lana will be releasing her second single "Just Dance," with her management "PowerHouse," which will again be released by B1 Recordings, a Sony Music Entertainment Company. "There have been times where I have been tempted to give up on what I do because I am impatient and want to reach my goals so fast, but if you decide to take a leap and go that extra mile, it is all worth it in the end!" - Lana Scolaro