How Kelly Wing, Founder of Ohwabisabi Media is Helping Celebrity Entrepreneurs Share Their Message with New Audiences in a Powerful Way

Kelly Wing

As the celebrity entrepreneurial space becomes more and more saturated as the number of online users continue to grow, what they begin to experience is a decline in reach and visibility.The amount of people they're able to make suffers drastically.Not only do they find themselves constantly battling the ever-changing algorithm, they need to work longer hours to try and gain the attention of new audiences that others are also looking to get the attention of.

Kelly Wing, founder of Ohwabisabi Media, uplifts celebrity entrepreneurs through press and media exposure, bringing more reach and visibility to any deep and insightful messages they wish to share with the world. Expressing your passion with the world There are many celebrity entrepreneurs with powerful messages that are going largely unheard. These entrepreneurs have a unique perspective to both business and life and there are untapped audiences out there (who can also be found on other platforms outside of social
media) who are wanting to hear it.

"People are always on the lookout for new celebrity entrepreneurs they can relate to, look to, and trust. Everyday I'm connecting with entrepreneurs of the new generation to see how I can support them in getting more reach and visibility on their message. "Spreading positive change into the masses The world is without a doubt in need of positive change following the recent 2020 events.

Being an advocate for change means entrepreneurs need to spread their messages across as many platforms as possible - including social media, but also other platforms where there are large audiences.

Press and media is a powerful way to do this, as entrepreneurs can tap into new audiences and be seen across multiple platforms. Building social proof and trust with your audience Social proof is an everlasting concept in human psychology. When people are looking to buy from someone, they want to know they are trustworthy and credible.
By having your story and message shared in a powerful way as an entrepreneur in the media, this positions you in a new light, and your audience sees you as more likeable, trustworthy and credible.

As a new wave of celebrity entrepreneurship is emerging as the new generations surface online, it's important that these entrepreneurs take it upon themselves to express their views across multiple platforms, rather than being confined only to the bubble of social media.