How JadKantari Took the World of Ecommerce by Storm


As soon as JadKantari turned 18, he made the journey from his home country of Lebanon to the United States in search of personal success. He was aware of the risks involved with such a big move, but his motivation to make a name for himself helped him persevere through any doubts he had about his decision. After moving to the States, he enrolled at the University of Southern California to pursue a degree in civil engineering.

However, even after landing a job in his chosen field of study, he remained unsatisfied with where his career was going. It was at this point he decided to take another risk, and he took the first steps to begin his career as an entrepreneur. This is the story of how Kantari's ecommerce business, Ycommerce, came to be.

Factors of Kantari's Ecommerce Success

After only two years in the business, Kantari has proved himself to be a successful entrepreneur. To date, Ycommerce has generated more than $16 million in revenue. Despite his humble beginnings, Kantari was able to make it big through his knowledge, skills, and guts.

These are the strategies Kantari used to achieve success as an entrepreneur:

Applying different business models

Despite being new to the field of ecommerce, Kantari doesn't fall behind other entrepreneurs when it comes to business know-how. One of the main factors behind his success is his ability to diversify his ventures, and he highly encourages other entrepreneurs to do so as well. In particular, Kantari places emphasis on using several business models at the same time.

Kantari believes that companies can receive many benefits from identifying and implementing a variety of business models. Many of the top companies in their respective fields nowadays use many different business models to thrive. Having numerous income streams is extra insurance against potential, unforeseen financial challenges.

Paying attention to ecommerce trends

The ecommerce market is highly competitive, so to stay on top, companies always need to be on the lookout for the latest trends. No matter the size of the business or how successful they are overall, constantly monitoring ecommerce trends is essential for making a profit.

Taking risks and investing wisely

In the ecommerce industry, one needs to take risks to succeed, but they should be smart risks; it doesn't pay off to randomly throw money at whatever investments you think might pay off. However, an entrepreneur who does not dare to take any chances when success is a definite possibility will not go far in the business. In Kantari's case, he took a risk by investing $10,000 in Facebook advertisements, and in less than six months, he had already started gaining revenue.

Above all these factors, however, what matters most is the entrepreneur's patience and determination to make it. The journey might not be smooth sailing, and success is not always guaranteed in the field of ecommerce. It takes persistence and courage to continue your efforts when they don't immediately pay off;JadKantari's story is an excellent example of what can happen if you stay committed to your goals and persevere through hardships.