How Jack Dean, custom jewellery CEO, initiated his revival strategy during the pandemic.

The entire globe had come to a standstill, but he emerged out of the trying times by redeveloping his company "Jeweller Jack Ltd".

Jack Dean

Businesses all over the world faced an extremely difficult situation and were worst hit during the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic brought along unprecedented circumstances, from which many were unable to recover. The performance of the jewellery industry was at an all time high at the beginning of the year, but drastically declined as months passed and this hit was definitely unexpected.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire outlook of the world. Peoples professional and personal lifestyles have undergone a drastic change, the way companies interact with their clients or the way clients purchase products and services have been altered to a great extent. Some businessmen laid out robust plans which helped them tide through the crisis. Jack Dean, the founder of custom jewellery giant 'Jeweller Jack Ltd', was one of them.

"I expected challenges from the get go. When the outbreak hit, I adapted simultaneously and set short term, strategic plans to ensure we could grow through the crisis periodically" says Jack. He chalked out a robust plan which ensured his company would bypass the hurdles successfully.

Unfortunately the design and creation of bespoke pieces for new and existing European clients left Jack faced with an important choice on international travel. He opted to stay UK based for the foreseeable.

He says "The international travel conundrum was tough. Nonetheless, I made the correct and ultimately the most professional decision possible. Strict measures are still in place for the majority of countries across Europe in addition to the players under watchful eyes at their designated clubs"

The pandemic has indeed taught CEOs to adapt themselves to unfavourable situations and upgrade their skills to maximise their space in the world of business. Jack prioritised business development and unique methods to push growth to higher levels even in those tough times. He says "If an established organization is unable to innovate and modernise, it faces decline. My key focus was innovation-led growth for the short term, this will have lasting results for my company and its ability to grow in the years to come. Ultimately, as CEOs we are judged by the way we perform during the worst of times, and the current crisis represents a challenge that no one could have foreseen"