How to install GBA4iOS 2.1 Game Boy Advance Emulator on iOS 10 without jailbreaking

Guide for installing GBA4iOS 2.1 emulator that supports Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and PS Games on iOS 10.

GBA4iOS - Game Boy Advance emulator
GBA4iOS - Game Boy Advance emulator for iOS 10 without jailbreaking

Avid Game Boy Emulator fans can now enjoy classic and legendary games like GBA, NDS or PS games on their iOS 10 devices using the popular emulator called GBA4iOS. It enables iPhone and iPad users to run emulator games on their favourite iOS devices without requiring to jailbreak them as the emulator software enables the installation of Apple's own certificates to unlock the factory restriction for installing third-party apps and services on the device.

On the downside, Apple will periodically pull down the existing app certificates to close the security loopholes exploited by third-party software installation. However, the Game Boy Emulator will receive regular updates to keep up with the changes added into the latest Apple certificates.

The GBA4iOS v2.1 comes with numerous exciting features including new controller skins, multiplayer support, cheat codes and save states, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Support, URL scheme and Dropbox support.

The current version of the Game Boy Emulator is compatible with iOS 8.1, iOS 9 and iOS 10. Here is how you can install the emulator on your iOS device:

Step 1: launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to

Step 2: Hit the GBA4iOS 2.1 button and then tap on Install. You will see a confirmation dialog box on the screen wherein you need to hit Install again to continue.

Step 3: Wait until the installation completes and then the GBA4iOS icon should appear on your Home screen. Now go to General > Profile(s) > [name of the developer] and then select Trust. Choose Trust again on the certificate to confirm the action. If you have an older iOS version, you need to navigate to General > Profile(s) & Device Management or General > Device Management.

Note: On iOS 9 devices, just launch the app from the Home screen and then hit Trust on the confirmation dialog box.

That's it. Your Game Boy emulator is now successfully installed and ready for use. You can now grab some relevant ROMs to play your favourite Game Boy Advance games from the internet.

[Source: Redmond Pie]