How Indian Fashion is Changing the Global Fashion Landscape Ft. Isha Borah

Isha Borah

Indian fashion has indeed seen tumultuous turns in recent times. With digital media roaring through and on the rise, many digital content curators have utilized the opportunity and created a rave in the Fashion world. The fashion curators on the rise especially on a platform like Instagram expresses this very statistic. The Indian Fashion, trends, and how the Global landscape has been shaped have had a positive influence on digital media.

With several fashion curators with their unique styles, they are indeed shaping the fashion trends not just in the country but also globally. One such personality is Isha Borah. She is a fashion content curator and sensation on the Instagram media platform. Her stride in a fashion sense is rooted deep in affordability, sustainability, and chic Indian and international looks.

Being raised in the North-East India, Assam, Isha was always high on fashion, and she stepped into the world of fashion through her Instagram @ishaborah which later turned out to be the initial steps to her amazing journey in fashion. She is very high on the factor of creating fashionable looks which are affordable by many. Isha is currently based in Singapore and taking her fashion at a global level. She is being mentioned for her fashion sense and style in several media publications with the only Indian influencer being mentioned on OOTD Magazine.

With her Instagram content she is busy creating a change in the way fashion is viewed across the globe. With over 380K followers on Instagram, her messages, content on using and recreating new looks, she is sure changing the lens through which fashion is viewed. Sustainable fashion and experimenting with looks are what her tagline is.

The Global fashion landscape sure understands and is impacted by the factor of sustainability which is quite the theme for many of the fashion designers and influencers in the World. With fashion influencers like Isha, the perspective of fashion would change from being an element of the rich, elite class to everybody. Monotonous hues are old news, now is the time for experimental bold looks without burning a hole in your pocket. This is the mantra that she sticks by and is busy changing and rewriting the rules of the fashion world.