How to Improve Your Mind, Body, and Soul. Albert Chavez from NXLT LVL Shares His Journey

Albert Chavez

Albert Chavez is a mortgage broker who has established a strong presence in the United States real estate industry. Based in Sacramento, California, Chavez is well known for his exceptional selling skills and gratitude habits that have brought success his way. A proud family man and father of three, his professionally tailored work ethic is unmatched. He places his customers' needs before everything else and believes that everyone should offer their services diligently without any expectations. To Chavez, nothing is more satisfying than seeing his clients' smiles after they receive their new house keys.

His journey in the world of finance is truly inspirational. He has faced many challenges that have transformed him into a completely different and better version of himself, mind, body, and soul. Chavez believes in sharing his life experiences to reach out to other individuals who might be facing similar challenges and hopefully impact their lives. We are wired to feel safe and secure within our comfort zones. Naturally, everyone wishes for things to fall in place while still in their comfort zones. But obviously, life doesn't just work like that; it is full of fluxes, things change, transitions occur, displacements ensue with evolution being constant, all shaping the future.

Normally, every person wishes they could know how situations would unfold with assurance that things will be okay. People tend to be scared of changing their habits, but they don't realize the reason they are afraid is because their minds make it so. Chavez challenges everyone to change their minds, get rid of the fear of change, and explore life from an open positive perspective of unlimited possibilities. With confidence, trust, and positive thoughts, they will be able to face even the biggest life changes with no fear or doubt.

Now age 48, Chavez's life has been characterized by many uncertainties and changes. He chose to pursue a career in the mortgage industry out of a passion for helping people own their own homes. He did not have a clear vision of what life had in store for him. He optimistically did what was right and hoped for the best. Chavez inclined his mind, soul, and body toward optimism, and was crowned Top 1% for the Originators for United Wholesale Mortgage in 2019. He has managed to survive in the sales industry for over 20 years 100% on commission with no retainers or salary.

Trusting himself and remaining curious rather than anxious was important to Chavez. He knew he offered a unique service. His listening-first approach to all situations is a key example that life is a learning journey. In every move, expect to learn something new and keep in mind there are no wrong decisions in life. One either succeeds or learns from the experience.

Through his experience, Chavez encourages others not to be afraid of making big life changes. The change will remain inevitable, and the decisions and approaches one takes shall dictate the outcome. Life can never be stagnant. Everyone needs to face their fears and break out of their comfort zones to discover new adventures.