How to Harness The Superconscious: Listen To Top Podcasting Host Aaron Civitarese

Aaron Civitarese

Our intuition and sense of purpose come from the Superconscious Mind, how do we intuitively know things? ... your superconscious is all knowing, but are you listening?

On the one hand, the subconscious mind is open to the flow of creative ideas from the Superconscious field, and on the other, from the conscious realm bringing it into the active experience. Interpretations and the conscious mind often deceive us, distorting our perception of reality and leading to erroneous judgments due to programmed codes from our ancestors and childhood.

Aaron's life-changing journey with the Superconscious began with being certified in the Magnetic Mind Modality under his mentor Chris Duncan in 2019. This modality is designed to tap into the superconscious matrix field that is omnipresent and all knowing.

This was a second step forward in his personal development journey that began with his first mentor Darren Little studying Quantum Physics and the Law Of Attraction. As a result, Aaron mastered the secret powers of his mind and overcame self-sabotage and imposter syndrome only to hit record sales month after month at BJKU University (that coaches thousands of people in e-commerce ) then moving onto building an 8 figure sales with team with BJKU and collecting multiple accolades along the way.

Transcend Your Limiting Self

"If we choose to transcend ourselves, then our consciousness can move to a higher level where cognition of spiritual reality becomes part of direct experience. And then, thinking becomes a means for transmitting valuable knowledge from the matrix to daily action within a conscious and deliberate creation structure. In the realm of the superconsciousness, states of deep peace, light, and ancestral knowledge become natural and easily attainable, then you must put what you've learned into ruthless, messy, unforgiving action", says Aaron.

In this regard, Aaron lists a few of the main assets of the transformative experience:

● Understanding the tension structure that enables quantum leaps forward with any goal. You don't need to fix yourself, you only need to create.

● The state of elevation encompasses all parts of our nature and leads to moral transformation.

● The body restores its strength through breath. Aaron practices Wim Hoff breathing before meditation.

Practice Mindfulness

Now, release your thoughts. Let your mind act like a radar. Open up to any intuitive sensation. Listen. Having received an incentive impulse, you will feel an unexpected need for action: to call someone, to meet someone, to go somewhere. This is one of the keys to success. Follow the advice you receive from the universal field of consciousness. It will never let you down, as your subconscious is connected to the source of the Universal Reason, the matrix.

Meditative mindfulness is a practice that helps you find greater harmony with your environment. For a conscious perception of the world, you must use all the senses and keep track of all your feelings and sensations.

Maintain Positive Attitude

"The different negative thoughts pop up in your mind because of your inner critic, a demeaning inner voice you nurture when you always feed your conscious and subconscious mind negative ideas or when you enable them through believing their story.", says Aaron.

Positive thinking brings many benefits: it increases life expectancy, reduces stress, improves physical health, and improves the ability to cope with difficult situations. But make no mistake about it, you can't just think positive and get everything you want, it's a small piece of the puzzle, but a good place to start.

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