How the haircare brand Ju Poppin is transforming the lives of women

Gillian Garcia

Healthy and shiny hair is not only about genetics and a rich diet. Women who love healthy hair often end up in search of the perfect products for their hair type. Ju Poppin is a savior for many women. This organic haircare brand is bringing back the trend of healthy hair. The exclusive range of products from Ju Poppin includes shampoos, conditioners, growth oil, grooming oil, healing mist, foaming lotion, and gummy vitamins.

Gillian Garcia is the owner and founder of Ju Poppin. She is a master hairstylist, philanthropist, educator, and serial entrepreneur. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Gillian Garcia had a humble start and learned about hair care from the Hair Ann's Hair School in San Fernando, Trinidad. Her professional career began in Trinidad and kept evolving as she migrated to the USA. Her years of knowledge combined with her passion for healthy hair led to the launch of Ju Poppin.

Ju Poppin was launched in March 2020 when the world went into a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There were disruptions to social life and economic growth seemed to slow down around the world. With slim chances of making it, Ju Poppin managed to earn loads of positive feedback in the initial months from its users. The success of the brand is attributed to its quality products. Gillian Garcia sources the purest oils from authentic vendors across the world to produce Ju Poppin products. The raw materials are quality tested at a facility in Canada before they are blended in the U.S.A.

The growth oil, vitamin E oil, and scalp healing mist are the top sellers of Ju Poppin. The growth oil is also called liquid gold for its immense nourishing properties that boost hair growth and heals the scalp. All the products of Ju Poppin are made using plant extracts like aloe vera, English lavender, sunflower, avocado, black cumin, Ylang-ylang, etc. These natural extracts are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that prevent hair loss and heal scalp infections. They also stimulate hair growth and effectively control frizz.

Gillian Garcia never chose hairstyling as her career. It was the turn of events in her life that took her to where she is now. As soon as she began her journey she realized that it was her calling. There was no looking back since then. Gillian Garcia is extremely passionate about what she does. She is a popular content creator onYouTube. Her videos on hair care, styling, hair transformation, and product tutorials have grabbed the attention of a lot of beauty enthusiasts. Every video has a personal touch and Gillian demonstrates different hair care techniques while busting hair styling myths.

Gillian Garcia came to the U.S.A in 1993 with only $50. However, she had big dreams and aspirations. With her dedication and relentless hard work, she managed to win against all odds. Her journey from a stylist to an entrepreneur can inspire many women to chase their dreams.

Gillian Garcia attributes the success of Ju Poppin to her positive attitude and never-yielding spirit. The motto of her haircare brand is "Look Good-Feel Good". Gillian Garcia believes that a woman's appearance can impact her self-esteem. Through Ju Poppin products, she aims to bring back healthy hair for women to live life more confidently.