How the Global NFT Market Place for Artists, Labels and Fans is changing the landscape of businesses

Global NFT Market Place

"This NFT space is not just a market for selling digital products, but is closely relates to the aspect of connecting people in the virtual world and the community beyond. I believe that it would bring about a big change in the way fans and artists who support the music industry today. I think The NFT Records will develop its business in unknown areas that no one has challenged yet, but I think that new ways of enjoying entertainment will be proposed after clearing various risks, issues and problems. I think it will lead to a major transformation that becomes the back bone of the entire music industry."

Shuto Yamamoto from Avex technologies, one of the largest Entertainment company in the industry adds to the comment regarding the future of entertainment and how the companies' relationship with The NFT Records contributes to the market place

Most of us have come across the intriguing, and revolutionary acronym 'NFT' by now.
And with the use of blockchain technology, a way for creators to ensure that their digital works remain one-of-a-kind items. The craze also caught the attention of many celebrities, artists and influencers including snoop dog, Lindsey Rohan and many more, who use their profiles to mint their own NFTs and sell them to the highest bidder.

So what is the impact of digitalization in global business landscape?

The ongoing digital transformation holds the promise of improving productivity performance by allowing innovation and reducing the costs of a range of business processes. But at the same time our economies have experienced a slowdown in productivity growth, sparking a lively debate about the potential for digital technologies to boost productivity.

"I think that so called the digital society will continue to accelerate and Artificial intelligence will be implemented within our social infrastructure."
Takashi Hatta : founder and director of Team Synthesis Lab Co., Ltd. shares his take on accelerating digitalization.
Takashi has founded his company and an initiative that provides cooperations with implementation of system as well as design thinking through their solution base workshops. Team Synthesis Lab Co., Ltd. while currently assisting Japan based businesses, their education program for cultivating innovative human resources development has been highly regarded by global corporation like ANA with their education for innovative human resources development.

Takashi continues

"The important question is how should we: human beings, approach and take charge of this change.In order to bring out the immense creativity and thinking power that is in our nature,

It is time that we utilize "skill competencies" to put it into practice of which it is combined with first a mind that allows each of us to contribute in developing social value and 2nd with acquiring of next generation methodology for the deployment of skill competencies in a comprehensive manner.

That is why our company launched corporate training to improve problem-solving ability specifically by assisting individuals and teams to have a system approach that integrates system thinking which also identifies new relationships and connections between elements by taking a bird's eye view of the whole and parts". At the same time we educate people on design thinking that utilizes human diversity and collective intelligence."

In order to launch his comprehensive corporate training and development company, at the age of 56 Takashi learned the practices of system thinking, design thinking, and system approach from scratch at the Graduate School of System Design Management, Keio University Japan and with sheer focus Team Synthesis Lab Co., now on the way to lead the market with its corporate training and education globally.

Digitization has simplified our daily lives. Today, almost aspect all aspects of our life, whetehr driving, being house household appliances or using payment systems, digitalization has been raising our living standards effectively. With the rise of NFT it is exciting to see how society adopts to the rapid change and more importantly how digital technologies will continue to play an essential role in our lives for years to come.