How Founder of Legiit Marketplace, Chris M. Walker Built a 7-Figure and 9-Figure Business While Maintaining a 9-5 Job

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Chris M. Walker

You may have a grand business idea; however, setting up the business from scratch may appear highly challenging when it comes to setting up the business from scratch. No doubt, starting a business is complicated, from funding options to coming up with the initial marketing and sales strategies. Starting a business while maintaining a full-time job is also a significant hurdle in itself, so most people tend to settle for a full-time job as their dreams of owning their own business get tossed away.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. Chris M. Walker is a successful entrepreneur who built a 7 to 9 figure business from scratch while still maintaining a 9 to 5 job and is proof that the everyday person can achieve the same for themselves.

Chris has founded several businesses in digital marketing, SEO, freelancing, and the software industries. He is the entrepreneur behind Profiit Academy, Superstar SEO, Superstar Academy, Legiit, and Chris M. Walter Consulting.

He started a seven-figure agency and a 9 figure online marketplace, all starting from a $10 service while he had a full-time job. Having now helped thousands of others create their own freelancing careers, he has helped grow tens of thousands of businesses with his services.

Chris has first-hand experience in starting a business from scratch, scaling it to nine figures with hard work, determination, and commitment. Chris managed to start a business and grow it to a global brand.

When asked about the biggest challenges he's ever faced and how he overcame them, Chris explains that, although it wasn't easy, he began by funding his freelance marketplace out of his own freelance and agency sales.

One of the ways that he overcame the challenge of self-funding was by partnering with a developer. This partnership gave him access to a skill that he didn't have, and Chris could leverage his partner's online audience to offer his services.

Chris chose not to opt for venture capital for his business as he wasn't fond of the idea of losing ownership of his dream business to someone else. One of the ways that he got capital for his company was by keeping his expenses low, so he could invest as much as he wanted into the business.

Instead of waiting until the launch of his business to start building an online audience, Chris went ahead and built one of the largest Facebook communities organically and ensured that he had cultivated a high-quality audience that would eventually buy his services.

Legiit is a multi-million dollar business that serves thousands of clients, one of Chris' companies. Chris states that seeing Legiit thrive as a place that helps thousands of people grow a full-time career just as he did, brings him great joy.

Chris is proof that you don't need loans or venture capital to grow your business. You can start one from scratch while still holding down a full-time job. With strategic partnerships, the right funds, and the right audience, you will see your business thrive.