How to fix iOS 10 text messages crash bug on iPhone

Here's a simple fix to resolve iPhone text messages crashing/freezing bug on iOS 10

iOS 10 Messages app
How to fix iOS 10 text messages crash bug on iPhone

The internet is abuzz with a widespread malware issue affecting iOS 10 devices, wherein the Messages app on the affected device freezes or becomes unresponsive after opening the infected contact file. With due credit to some veteran iOS user 'Vincedes3', it is now possible to resolve this issue with a one-step fix.

Any casual user can attempt installing this fix as it only requires him/her to run an automated script by just visiting an URL. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Navigate to the following URL in your Safari browser:

Step 2: Now launch the html page in Safari and wait for the automated script to complete the process of re-initialising and re-launching the native Messages app. You will then be presented with a new Message screen with the following text: "I have just saved your iPhone bro ;)".

That's it. The Messages app on your iPhone should now work normally with access to full features and functionality.