How to Find Out Whether You Have Common Cold, Flu or Covid-19?

Here is a guideline which will help people to find out the difference between Common Cold, Flu, or Covid-19

While the Coronavirus continues to show its dominance around the world, mostly in the US, which has reported over 6,814,600 cases and almost 200,000 related deaths, health care providers and experts are urging people to get flu shots as soon as possible—so they can be protected the when influenza season arrives.

The healthcare workers worry that if large number of people develop respiratory illnesses this fall and winter, there will be a shortage of medical supplies. Meanwhile, across the US the reopening of colleges and university campuses is causing a rise in Coronavirus cases.

The arrival of students on the campus has caused a spike in COVID-19 cases from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to Chico, California. As reported by Bloomberg, "Of counties where college students are at least 10% of the population, half have seen COVID-19 cases hit their highest-ever levels in the past month."

While the influenza season is about to hit the US, the sudden rise in Coronavirus cases linked to college students is causing a tense situation among the experts and healthcare providers, who are worried about the hospitalization count.

As the cold and flu season is approaching, the symptoms of those two illnesses can be broadly similar to those experienced by COVID-19 people, and people can unknowingly spread the Coronavirus to others. So, the best option would be to take the flu shots as soon as possible.

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Can You Diagnose What You Have?

Yes, you can. As the flu season also going to hit the UK, the NHS, CDC, and WHO have released guidelines that will help people to differentiate between the three types of illnesses. As per the healthcare experts, this guide will allow people to understand whether they should self-isolate, just the way they did last year during the cold and flu season, or should go to the nearest healthcare center and have a Coronavirus test.

Covid-19, cold and flu
Difference between Covid-19, cold and flu symptoms Source:NHS, WHO, CDC
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