How Fashion and Technology Entrepreneur Zaina Gohou Traveled in the Midst of a Pandemic

Zaina Gohou

Technology and fashion entrepreneur Zaina Gohou was in the middle of planning potentially career-changing moves for the summer and spring seasons, then the world was immediately put on pause. Covid-19 hit the world with tremendous force, leaving residual effects that will never be forgotten. The pandemic created a level of fear and panic that was unheard of in recent decades, and turned the world on its head. Zaina Gohou was living in New York City at the time, a city that eventually became a dystopian-like space after it was ravaged by the virus. Gohou immediately began to look at all available options, and booked a one-way flight to Heidelberg, Germany- the inception of what would be a life-changing journey for Gohou.

The esteemed model, actress, and eco-friendly strategist was a seasoned traveler and free-spirit. She knew that being confined to her home would be very detrimental to her energy, so she was quite lucky that out of all countries, she chose Germany. Germany dealt with the virus better than any other country at the time, so Gohou was able to go outside and enjoy the open space- something most people around the world could not do at the time.

As the number of people being infected with the virus began to fall, many countries in Europe began to re-open. People needed to get back to work, the economy needed to stabilize, so everything began to open up with caution and safety measures in place. Gohou knew that her health and safety was a major priority, so she began to buy all the requisite safety and sanitation items. Gohou made sure to get tested regularly to protect those around her, and developed efficient safety methods to prevent contraction of the virus. Nevertheless, Gohou was still fearful of the virus and had to make a decision about her budding career. She knew her career was dependent upon her travels, so she took all the necessary precautions before heading to Spain for a photoshoot.

As travel bans were slowly lifted, Gohou saw a large influx or work. She knew she had to be very selective with which jobs she chose, as her health and the health of those around her were of paramount importance. She continued to get tested frequently, and her work took her to places like Madrid, Croatia, and Corsica.

Gohou had figured out the art of travel during a pandemic, she also had her finances in order, unlike most of the people that were devastated by the pandemic. She decided to make her way to the majestic Spanish island, Ibiza. She had a close friend there who invested a majority of his savings into remodeling his grandmother's house- in hopes that he could rent some of the rooms of the summer season. Gohou's friends came to meet her there, this was in August when travel was still possible. They all came out as a show of support, but ended up staying for a month that will be etched in their memory forever.

Health was their main priority, and they made a conscious group effort to support each other and do things as a group. The unforeseen benefits of this trip were stunning, as this trip turned out to be an integral month that paralleled a wellness retreat. Gohou and her friends engaged in holistic healing through nature, ate organic and home cooked meals, and stayed up all night reflecting on what life had taught them. This was a great benefit to their health and immune system, as they ventured out to see the beauty of the awe-inspiring island. They worked out daily on the scenic landscape, absorbing the endless health and wellness elements of nature.

Life is about playing the hand you are dealt, and Gohou was able to turn her quarantine experience into something memorable.